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  1. Hi,

    I have cited your post in Modaco regarding the official release of wm 6.5 rom for b7610. Pls share with me the link to [email protected]

  2. well... there is nothing like fps in android... here fps means difference in seconds between images... normally fps is related to video... n not images... so just try as i said...
  3. Instead of 10fps try 20fpsor more in desc.txt 480 800 20
  4. Not possible as of now... it is in zImage.. O2Droid source... so can't be changed..
  5. What kind of answer? Can you post question here or link to it overehere?
  6. Tnx 1. If you are on latest CMB611 then replace bootscreen.zip in data/local folder and if you are on froyob3 replace bootscreen.zip in system/media folder or simply try update file... 2. ofcourse you can share whatever you want to share from my posts.. ;)
  7. will post tomorrow.. sorry i was just busy due office work.. tutorial will be up in 1 day...
  8. Well Format your whole SD as primary Fat32 with default option.. Don't change anything else.. Try n revert...
  9. Ok I will create a small tutorial on bootscreen... Will update first post for same asap... ;)
  10. Guyz, I've created this thread so that every one can share their customization related to CM for B7610... HERE IS MY BOOT SCREEN HD... For data/local folder CMB611 http://www.mediafire...t0lt0xwxhf1qb0q For system/media folder - froyob3 http://www.mediafire...1swp6tb7f83piw2 TUTORIAL on How to make your own Boot Screen.. 1. First of all create a 480x800 jpg/png you need to use as boot screen. 2. Now make multiple copy of the same depends upon the sequence and size of progress bar you create.. (in my case it I've created 25 images showing progress left to right and another 25 from right to left, so total 50..) (note that all the images will be loaded repeatedly/loop until the whole android is loaded . SO once it finishes loading 50 images, it will start from the beginning automatically) 3. Then rename the file in order from either 0-100/A-z or so on.. (File name does not matter, file will be shown in order automatically..) here are the first 3 sample files of my boot screen... then here are the reverse one from... 4. Create all files and put them in a folder & name the folder whatever you want. 5. Now create text file & name it desc.txt or simply use the file already available with any other boot file.. (You must extract update file or bootanimation.zip file and use desc.txt file from it.) Write following things in desc.txt # 480 wide, 800 tall 15 frames per second 480 800 15 p 0 0 [Folder Name] (This is optional and only for your information) # p means we're defining a part # first number is repeat count, 0 means infinite # second number is delay in frames before performing the next part # so if you are playing 15 frames a second 15 would be... one second # string defines the directory to load files from # files will be loaded in order but names don't matter # s defines a sound for a part # sounds will be loaded from /system/media # oggs with loop points will loop automatically # only one sound will play at a time # timing is driven by the part, not the sounds # if you want no sound, leave blank # Slide in # flash #p 1 0 02_flash #s zap.ogg # loop #p 0 0 [Folder name] 6. Now select both file and folder create a zip file without a compression using 7-zip 7. Now create "data" folder then "local" folder inside it on your computer (for CMB611) or "system" then "media" folder inside it (for froyob3) and Put newly created zip file in it. 8. Now again right click on root folder i.e. "data" or "system" folder and create .tar file using 7-zip. 9. Now again right click on .tar file you created and create .gzip file using 7-zip. 10. Rename the file to cm_o2_update.tar.gz and use it for auto update... Thats it,... You are done..
  11. Format you SD using MiniTool Partition Software but Format as Primary and NOT Logical Try Rerun installer again...
  12. Hi, I liked your customization...do you have possibility to do for the last one?

    Thank you in advanced



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