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  1. Guys my old but immortal acer liquid now is in the hand of my girlfriend. I flashed CM7 remix V4b but the battery drain is high and she tell me that she is not well. I see this kernel but i don't understant if is stable and if all works. And it's for froyo stock only, right? Thanks
  2. This rom need swap how in all cm9 rom? For liquid A1
  3. Yesss great guys, nice to see that I also have contributed for this rom :P My Liquid now uses my father with LiquidNext but i will flash this new rom. Liquid will never die ;)
  4. Wow nexus 4, congratulation ;) My galaxy nexus is perfect, and for now i don't feel the need of root and cooked rom, the stock rom is good!! Good fun with your new device, byeeee ;)
  5. Thanks :) for now i have stock rom and unrooted, but maybe for a short time ahaha
  6. Hello guys, my liquid retired, now i have a galaxy nexus. I want to thank all of you, in this forum i learned many things and without you my liquid would not have lasted so long. Thanks!! Bye, alboz83
  7. Guys, CM9-JB-Adreno-4.zip is out on 4pda forum. I can't download, anyone can post it here? Thanks !!
  8. :( Unfortunately the liquid is dying, and the people are changing the phone. I tried to solve the flickering issue from github and i discovered that the problem is in the commits of Sep 13, 2012. I should try to revert commits in this date for to understand what commit cause the flickering, but i have little time.
  9. Any news for this rom? I don't use cm9 anymore for the flickering issue, but i see that in this rom there isn't flickering. I'm waiting, although in a few days i will get a galaxy nexus!!
  10. Guys i have a problem, i restore cm7.2 and now i can't install gmail, facebook, adobe reader etc.. from play store. My device is incompatible. Why????
  11. Yes i tried. I have activated "custom", close apps, and for about 1 hour i see that in kernel wakelock wifi-interface is 78% (but with wifi off, although deep sleep works, battery drain is high also), wlan_rx_wake is 6%. In partial wakelock i see that ActivityManager-Launch is 0,7%, AlarmManager 0,1%, FacebookService 0,1%, etc.. I think it's all normal, but my liquid works for about 10h, not anymore.
  12. After a long time with cm9 and miui, i flashed cm7.2 v2 again and i can say that it's super fast rom and many many mb of ram free. But the battery drain is terrible, in about 9 hours, it's gone down from 100% to 2%. Too much!!
  13. Unfortunately, I think that nobody is working on our liquid. All are changing the phone, then liquid is slowly dying :(
  14. Guys i flashed patch of Honor32, on cm-9-JB-Adreno-V3.4, for to have a smooth animations, and works. But attention to delete some files before flash the patch. Delete the files that there are in other patches, how adreno_jb_update_signed, led_notifications_fix_signed, lp_mtp, and delete libcamera.so. After flash, the statusbar return to default, but the animations is very smooth
  15. Here http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=296323&view=findpost&p=18609929 This new repack is good but nothing of exceptional. From first cm9 rc1 the rom is almost the same. If someone fix camcorder, flickering screen and slow open application (i think difficult because depends from ram), ics for our liquid would be perfect. For now i return to miui v2, because i don't know where i put my hands for fix these problems. And slowly all are changing smartphone, so less devs
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