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  1. _hifi_

    [Help] Call recording Issue on KitKat

    @Fedroid, would you post here any news you can find out on the subject?
  2. _hifi_

    Its here ...

    I have 16GB from USA, still no update available for me
  3. @Jake Bullit: +1 I have a Sony Dreamstation which was perfect charger for all my previous phones till Moto G. Now it isn't :(
  4. I agree with you, else you are loosing the ROM topics amongst the other. It should be similar as with Blade, ROM section, Themes section and general one
  5. _hifi_

    Java help needed please

    Hi Navie, This error means the code you use needs Log4J library - link Anyway I do not think it is a common practice to use it in mobile development, it's created for Java SE/EE
  6. 10x for you willing to help :) It's OK now, I'll describe it, may be it can help someone else. Yes, the zip was uncompressed in /sdcard/image folder and the checksums were OK. BUT the flashing was unsuccessful. All that was with using my 8GB a-data memory card. Then I replaced it with 2GB Kingston and it worked as a charm from the very first time. Now I remember that I had the same problem few months ago.. but I've forgotten it. So if someone has similar issues upgrading from Gen1 to Gen2 it's a good idea to try with another (may be non sdhc - 2gb is fine) card. :) P.S. Now my Nandroid backup has wrong checksum (because of the different partition layout). Take it in mind if you count on restoring the old rom ;)
  7. Amphoras thank you for your response. Unfortunately neither the TPT method nor TPT Helper App were OK. Both of them stuck on green android logo after vol+ and power (I tried also vol+, menu and power on). Seems like /system will stay 140mb. Not a big deal, I can live with it.
  8. I'll use this topic to avoid creating a new one. I have OSF Gen 1, which I upgraded to Gen 2 with wbaw's TPT method. Now Mr.Pigfish reports it as Gen 2. What I can't find in the forums is what can I do to repartition it now with v9 layout (160MB system)? To use again Gen1->Gen2 TPT method (link) or to use windows method (link)? Thank you in advance :)
  9. _hifi_

    Blade with 2.2

    Offtopic: I've got one Acer F1 (WinMobile / Android) and its FM radio works without earphones ;)
  10. Stick with I had the same problem with A2SD: before flashing with this ROM I created 2 partitions - fat & ext, then flashed. A2SD works out of the box without any other tricks ;)
  11. Just installed RLS3 after problems with MoDaCo's R4 and A2SD - now it's OK. Picture Folder still has a FC, removed and installed from market. First impressions are very good 10x to Freekers & Kendon

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