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  1. @Fedroid, would you post here any news you can find out on the subject?
  2. I have 16GB from USA, still no update available for me
  3. @Jake Bullit: +1 I have a Sony Dreamstation which was perfect charger for all my previous phones till Moto G. Now it isn't :(
  4. I agree with you, else you are loosing the ROM topics amongst the other. It should be similar as with Blade, ROM section, Themes section and general one
  5. Hi Navie, This error means the code you use needs Log4J library - link Anyway I do not think it is a common practice to use it in mobile development, it's created for Java SE/EE
  6. 10x for you willing to help :) It's OK now, I'll describe it, may be it can help someone else. Yes, the zip was uncompressed in /sdcard/image folder and the checksums were OK. BUT the flashing was unsuccessful. All that was with using my 8GB a-data memory card. Then I replaced it with 2GB Kingston and it worked as a charm from the very first time. Now I remember that I had the same problem few months ago.. but I've forgotten it. So if someone has similar issues upgrading from Gen1 to Gen2 it's a good idea to try with another (may be non sdhc - 2gb is fine) card. :) P.S. Now my Nandroid backup has wrong checksum (because of the different partition layout). Take it in mind if you count on restoring the old rom ;)
  7. Amphoras thank you for your response. Unfortunately neither the TPT method nor TPT Helper App were OK. Both of them stuck on green android logo after vol+ and power (I tried also vol+, menu and power on). Seems like /system will stay 140mb. Not a big deal, I can live with it.
  8. I'll use this topic to avoid creating a new one. I have OSF Gen 1, which I upgraded to Gen 2 with wbaw's TPT method. Now Mr.Pigfish reports it as Gen 2. What I can't find in the forums is what can I do to repartition it now with v9 layout (160MB system)? To use again Gen1->Gen2 TPT method (link) or to use windows method (link)? Thank you in advance :)
  9. Offtopic: I've got one Acer F1 (WinMobile / Android) and its FM radio works without earphones ;)
  10. Stick with I had the same problem with A2SD: before flashing with this ROM I created 2 partitions - fat & ext, then flashed. A2SD works out of the box without any other tricks ;)
  11. Just installed RLS3 after problems with MoDaCo's R4 and A2SD - now it's OK. Picture Folder still has a FC, removed and installed from market. First impressions are very good 10x to Freekers & Kendon
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