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  1. Just installed Updated Google Play store 4.0.25 and it is working perfect with this rom
  2. Moved from 6-3 to 24-3 My s2e apps dissapeared , but the allocated space for them 89mb is still there. My applications option stays gray out. I'm keep searching
  3. FM Radio: Add support for FM Radio in Android Creating interface and framework for using FM Radio are we getting any closer to a rom without any "not working"?
  4. Thank you for the tips Drainage automaticaly fixed , propably after updating installed app (never found which one)
  5. i'm also having battery drain with the 2411 rom and also i have some big delays(5-15 sec) with black screen whenever i open a new app. I re flashed , empty cach,dalvik with no improvment. My phone is gen2 160mb system 2 cache i have used no phone radio - talk time
  6. Thanks for the update. The following option is not available to me after flashing to cm-9-20120827-KonstaKANG-blade.zip added option for circle battery (Settings -> System -> Status bar -> Battery status style -> Circle) flashed, cache & dalvic wiped , rebooted. My display lang is greek Update FIXED !!!!! changed language to english , option appeared, selected circle , and returned to greek Now in greek Settings -> System -> Status bar -> Battery status style -> the radio button shows the option "hidden" but it works
  7. Wowwwww !!!!! I like very much the new options/improvements.Specialy bar transparency and centered clock. Keep walkinggg Tilal !
  8. Tilal thanks for the update ! My home button isn't working , is it just me ? fixed after restart
  9. Form me 15/5 is working like an official rom.Not even one reset i have a 220 system tpt. Oh no , you've just created one more category !!!! Just kidding
  10. ETA leaked for the next update , next patch schedule also available Please sticky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. tilal6991 ,Man you rulez !!!!!!! I just installed your latest rom, and everything works like a charm !!!! excellent work ! thank you for your work and your time. Greetings from Greece
  12. Good news , thank you , wish you a big success with your exams !!!

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