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  1. You can still get them new on ebay however... Now that they`ve released more info on the Archos g9 tablets they`re a little less attractive, now at £279 for the basic 10.1 model and £399.99 for the 10.1 with 250 HDD (really over £120 for a 2.5 hdd)..... Vega looking a lot more sexy now lol
  2. thats my main worry with the Vega, its Honeycomb -- Ive no probs with custom roms coming from a ZTE Blade and currently owning An Optimus X2 - as far as im aware honeyvega has stopped development and no-one knows what Pauls secret meeting was about.... I know Honeyvega doesnt have Flash which isnt too much of an issue for me but im not sure what other problems it has...
  3. actually its advertised as £200 for the 8inch and £250 for the 10 (though i could be wrong) - Offical honeycomb is the main tempt for me (tho the 250gb hdd is pretty appealing as well) - not sure what that`ll do to battery life tho. and plus it comes out end of sept which is a looooooooong wait for someone as impatient as myself lol edit - http://www.v3.co.uk/v3-uk/v3-co-uk-labs-bl...d-tablets-hands - yup £250 ish for the 10incher
  4. been eyeing a Vega for sometime, just about to buy one when i see the annoucment for the archos gen9 with more impressive specs and old £50 more, so which do you guys think i should buy and why?1
  5. Thats exactly the deal i`ve gone for, it also gives you 4 free months over the 2 year period. Since im already paying £10 a month for giggaff im basically looking at it as £10 a month for the phone minus £80 for the free months for a phone that current sells for about £350. So £20 x 24 = £480 aint really valid, should be 10 X 24 = £240-£80 = £160 So yeah a bargain
  6. Loved every min of the phone but today my optimus x2 gets delivered at the sweet swet price of £20 a month from tmobile (ridiculous price) Thanks to all the rom creators that have kept me entertained since january
  7. Gameloft has released their Final Fantasy ripoff Eternal Legacy on Android.....anyone tried it on blade yet?
  8. theres been a major update released today, with a far faster core engine and the ability to turn off the sound for a dramatic speed increase
  9. Stuff ive played myself includes Orge Tactics, Persona 2, FF7 and Xenogears - all of which are extremely playable
  10. I recommend everyone try out FPse for all your Playstation emulator needs, so much faster than fPSXe (its actually usable!!) sounds a little wonky at the mo but its an early release so far and there should be a no sound option in a later version to greatly increase speed on some of the more sluggish titles
  11. downloaded the update, just released and it worked perfectly - and its one hell of a game!
  12. the developers have stated that i`ll run on a tmobile G1 so i dont think specs are the issue
  13. took the plunge and gave it a go and after downloading the 1gig of game data it crashes and does nothing - grrrrr Anyone got it working yet ?
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