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  1. I have a (somewhat) related question: the recording level of my microphone is very low and I think it has something to do with dust. I've been looking at the disassembly pictures but can't really determine which part is the microphone. Is it the part on the top right on picture 11? Never mind, found it: http://www.modaco.com/topic/352750-microphone-volume-very-low-during-calls/
  2. Great, looking forward to your post as I have the same problem :(
  3. Anyone else have problems with their calendar? Calendar doesn't show up at my sync options, only browser and contacts? What should I do? Did full wipes before flashing.
  4. The whatsapp.apk runs fine when installed straight from their website, tilal is working on a fix for the market
  5. Unfortunately I still have the same problem with whatsapp and youtube: I can not download these apps from the play store. I did all wipes and a fresh install with todays latest rom (update-cm-9-20120509-SNAPSHOT-skate-ColdFusionX-tilal6991-signed.zip) + gapps (gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip) and followed the steps on the first post to the letter. Anybody has an idea what could cause this?
  6. Great job tilal, camera preview is a bit laggy bot works nonetheless, which is what matters!
  7. ro.product.locale.language=en ro.product.locale.region=US ro.product.manufacturer=ZTE
  8. I also have the youtube problem, 01/05 build, did not mod pixel density and did not change build.prop (same problem with whatsapp, draw something and other apps) I notice we all have the Medion P4310, could it have anything to do with that? Edit: I get the message "Dit item kan niet worden geïnstalleerd in het land dat voor uw apparaat is geselecteerd.", translated: this item can not be installed in the country that is selected for your device
  9. Did you try GO SMS Pro? It shows pop-ups by default I think
  10. If I press the power button and turn airplane mode on, and then I press the power button and turn airplane mode off, I have no way of entering my PIN code again? When I pull the notification bar down it states "press menu to make an emergency call or to unlock" but menu key does nothing. Is there another way besides rebooting tolet the phone ask your PIN code? @tillaz what app do you recommend instead to backup and restore apps + settings? What exactly is wrong with TitaniumBackup? As far as I understand people have been using it for ages, is it something skate or atomic related?
  11. v1pEr

    [APP] TPT Helper

    Great job Amphoras, thanks for making this available for us
  12. v1pEr

    Fix unknown number issue

    There is a box in the top right of the page where you can enter text to search for an app, it's quite handy actually https://market.andro...y+number&c=apps ;-) Edit: I'm assuming the app is actually called "My Number", which is in the market
  13. Thank you Tillaz for this amazing rom!

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