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  1. Found this one http://splanet.info/4.0.4.stock/ but it only contains a newer RUU. Maybe you have to google the filename or somethink like that, should work.
  2. Too bad no developer seems to be interested in the S3 One S, without Recovery and Custom ROMs it's boring :-\
  3. Yes I do ;) http://www.filefactory.com/f/11f2bd9c14cebbbe/ I took the RUU_VILLEC2_U_ICS_40_HTC_Europe_1.11.401.110_Radio_16.12.20.02U_16.05.20.16_M2_release_263510_signed.exe
  4. Thanks, it worked for me. First I took the latest RUU to get the original Recovery (I tried to flash a S4 Recovery earlier, which doesn't work) and then simply used your solution. Thanks again, I didn't thought that you would help so fast via Twitter Request :)
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