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  1. Wyall

    TESTING: VilleC Superboot

    Found this one http://splanet.info/4.0.4.stock/ but it only contains a newer RUU. Maybe you have to google the filename or somethink like that, should work.
  2. Wyall

    TESTING: VilleC Superboot

    Too bad no developer seems to be interested in the S3 One S, without Recovery and Custom ROMs it's boring :-\
  3. Wyall

    TESTING: VilleC Superboot

    Yes I do ;) http://www.filefactory.com/f/11f2bd9c14cebbbe/ I took the RUU_VILLEC2_U_ICS_40_HTC_Europe_1.11.401.110_Radio_16.12.20.02U_16.05.20.16_M2_release_263510_signed.exe
  4. Wyall

    TESTING: VilleC Superboot

    Thanks, it worked for me. First I took the latest RUU to get the original Recovery (I tried to flash a S4 Recovery earlier, which doesn't work) and then simply used your solution. Thanks again, I didn't thought that you would help so fast via Twitter Request :)

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