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  1. thats too bad and will only hurt htc. most people keep their phones for 2+ years and those same people have no idea how to (upgrade to a custom rom) just when I think I like htc again, they release a dev phone with s-lock and now this. 2 years of updates is too much to ask I guess.
  2. and all this time paul i thought you had it working on the ONE....that explains it all! ok, here is the deal. the secure element is not enabled on the gsm model roms that are available. it will work on the sprint htc one because the secure element is enabled. In the past (galaxy s3) we were able to steal the libs from a sprint s3 and got it working on the gsm s3's. for the one, I have tried flashing the same files we used before, I got them from the a sprint rom...but I am still seeing "no smx detected" ...there is obviously another (new) file I need... fyi, the galaxy s4 is having the same problem...working with those guys too. the solution should point the way for all. until then, I am rocking the xperia z, and yes wallet works beautifully
  3. the libs on the tmobile rom need to be updated... ...working on this today, was close on the dev rom but switched to the tmobile rom to get wifi calling
  4. hey lilhermit, glad to see this mod! certainly makes life easier. I installed on my m7 (i think you have one too??) and even though the led only flashes green, it now recognizes more (notifications) any idea what is the hangup for the color change?
  5. hey paul, did a quick search and saw no mention of it...Does google wallet work on the M7? *edit ok saw your post...but with a s-on device it isn't working. htc what are you doing? unlocked, unbranded but s-on?
  6. the patching feature is just legacy code left in the apk. there is no need to patch. The rom already is patched...just hit menu and "manage" to set up alerts
  7. exactly. have a look at this, works very good http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1823701 *edit of course if you add that option to the kitchen, might as well include the phone.apk
  8. hey Paul, can we have an option in the kitchen to change 'voice capable' from 'false' to 'true' in framework-res.apk>res>values>bools ?
  9. thats funny. use titanium backup to "unfreeze" it once booted. you will need to do this every boot, but on some roms/carriers it is the only work around right now
  10. i am seeing better than ever battery life in 4.2.1.... task killer? I thought we stopped using that in froyo?
  11. so doing a little research, it was called "successive notifications" found a N1 patch here http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=640179 though obviously that would'nt work not sure why @lilh3rmit got rid of it...maybe was just a hassle and people forgot how awesome it was edit* so i found why it was abandoned even still, it could be turned off within the app if I remember right.
  12. hey Paul, back with the nexus one, lil hermit came out with an update to TBA that would alternatively blink the colors... in other words, if you got an email (green), a tweet (cyan), and missed call (red).... it would flash green-cyan-red. now, and for some time, if you get a couple alerts, it will only flash the color of the one that came in first. sooo my question is, can we make this happen? I love tba, but even more when it is blinking like a christmas tree. btw, rom is working fantastic. thanks much!
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