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  1. looks like a really appealing handset IMO. good battery capacity, nice big screen and all the regular bells and whistles. RAM seems to be a the biggest downer on the specs, but it comes with JB 4.1 out the box, not ICS. whats the thoughts on whether this makes the ram less of an issue, considering JB is supposed to run a lot smoother and better optimised than ICS?
  2. this phone is due end of this month. seems to be decent for the price, specs wise http://www.expansys.com/acer-iconia-smart-metal-silver-219713/ from what i can see its 2.3 tho. its only the tablet devices i can find any proper confirmation on...within the realms of porting those roms to Liquid MT?
  3. yeah i imagine class 4 would be fine for any use on this phone, providing it's a decent brand that performs well. the most bitrate intensive write task would be recording 720p video. i'm sure that falls well within class 4 write speeds (maybe someone has the numbers for the Liquid MT) providing performance is as claimed. i got a samsung (the 16gb class 6) because i've had nothing but perfect experience with samsung memory cards.
  4. it's not the cheapest (£35) but the samsung 32gb class 10 wouldn't be a bad investment for this device and beyond... http://www.play.com/Mobiles/Mobile/4-/23960650/Samsung-32GB-Micro-SD-HC-Memory-Card-Class-10/Product.html
  5. not really aware of that i always thought it was good practice. thanks for bringing it to my attention tho. do you know the answer to my question?
  6. i have a samsung class 6 16gb n mine. in my experience you can trust samsung to be very fast, reliable and compatible http://www.play.com/...-6/Product.html they do a class 10 16gb card too, but i think class 6 is enough in this device.
  7. what i'd like to know is if there#s any way to turn off the LED notifications on the top of the phone (low battery/messages) without moving to a ASOP rom/interface? they kinda annoy me and if i can't get them off any other way i'll do this...
  8. hey peeps, i find this kinda an annoying feature if my phone is blinking on top (the notification LED) when the battery goes low overnight. i like to run it down completely before charging and i dont want the flashing disturbing me in the dark. it isn't really very useful for messages either. on stock gingerbread atm. is there any way to toggle this feature on/off or will i need to revert to a ASOP interface/themed ROM to disable it, which will then turn it off for good. seems a bit silly if Acer didn't include any options for this. cheers.
  9. turn dolby mobile off perhaps (if it's on)...it's awful. well it makes music sound really muffled, unclean and echoey, presume calls would be the same.
  10. was down to £129.99 (expired now) on expansys yestserday, could be room for the price of this to drop even more. i think it's a really great phone for the price.
  11. Sony went back and said that ICS for their full range of phones was TBA, after it semi-officially announced. Personally I'd be very surprised if Acer bothered with ICS for this handset in the near future. It would amazing if they did, but have probably spent a plenty of development costs getting the Gingerbread update going for now. ICS also seems suited to the handsets with slightly larger screens than the Liquid MT, so i'd say it's touch and go whether Acer would bother with it. Here's hoping.
  12. just a heads up that the Liquid Metal is back in stock, after numerous delays @ Expansys for £139.99. quite a steal for an Android handset of this spec IMO, best value out there. available in Silver and Brown varieties: http://www.expansys....d-metal-205669/ http://www.expansys....l-brown-209791/ this should mean a lot more people start getting the handset very soon, including me :D good times.
  13. quite a few sites, but alas stock has been sketchy or still forthcoming... play, amazon & expansys @ 199 argos 179.99 (was in stock a few days ago but sold out instantly) http://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?jspStoreDir=argos&catalogId=1500002901&referredURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.argos.co.uk%2Fwebapp%2Fwcs%2Fstores%2Fservlet%2FSearch%3FstoreId%3D10001&cmpid=COJUN&langId=-1&searchTerms=5261150&referrer=COJUN&storeId=10001&_%24ja=tsid%3A11674|prd%3A1546795 lowest has been 155, but the site in question is not even taking orders now (unbranded/unlocked despite being sold with t-mobile sim) http://www.chitterchatter.co.uk/sony-ericsson/sony-ericsson-xperia-play-pre-order-pa-110.php if you want one best bet is to keep checking hotukdeals and be ready to act fast if it pops up anywhere at a good price and in-stock... personally i'm sticking with the acer liquid metal order...i don't need the larger screen so much and would prefer a more portable handset with slightly better battery life. but the xperia play is a lot of phone for the price, great value.
  14. indeed. i mean the CM support is nice, but from what i could gather the battery life ranges from OKish to terrible on most CM builds for the blade. i stuck with an early 2.2 build (FLB) which IMO gave the best balance of smoothness and battery life, albeit with glitches. i would imagine most people want to flash a custom rom onto their phone once or twice and just use the phone for it's intended purpose thereafter. not keep reflashing the latest rom/build every single week because it would address issues/improve performance on a phone which is never going to be very fast anyway.
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