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  1. Hi, Quick question, I installed the prebake of ir5 and all went well. However I cant find google wallet installed? thanks
  2. sebbo90

    Booting from memorycard

    Any more progress on this? Also how did you set up the chroot as I tried this with little success
  3. Anyone else not getting screen rotation? Just curious
  4. @Ippe H a new build coming soon? :huh:
  5. Sweet can't wait to give this a try Any luck with the adb or 3d accel, cant wait to give this a proper go
  6. Not totally working but still really really cool
  7. Tried on your rom and cm7 4.1 and the bug happens in both
  8. I have this problem, but it only happens after a while of being in call. If it is a quick call or I keep pulling the phone away from my face so the screen comes back on, then it is fine. But anything longer than say 3min in call the screen wont wake up after and have to do a battery pull. Hope this helps EDIT: Also i am usign TFT
  9. Anyone else getting it where whenever you get a call and during a call the screen switches off and then it is impossible to switch back on, have to pull battery? (using beta3r1- could just be this rom, was wondering was it the same with plain beta3)
  10. right been playign with all the settings in spareparts and dev tools and cyanogen settings to try and get the on/off screen animation, as suggested by various threads after a quick google search. Anyone with some good android knowledge know why it doesn't seem to work on this device?
  11. Did you try the animation thing out? Cos when in spare parts. I already have them in normal
  12. anyone have an idea how to get the cool screen off animation?

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