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  1. Just one thing if any of you had this problem. 2 days ago I had just finished a phone call.5 mins later the signal went and just didnt come back.tried absolutly everything.Turns out the SIM card had just died.I wasnt blocked by Orange i had damaged it or the phone just plain died!!!!!! Completly Unexplainable, But there u go!
  2. Its definatly nothing to do with the network coverage that is fine.Also I have erased my phone and loaded 1.6 back onto it.Im running out of ideas.Any suggestions????!!!!!
  3. Hi can someone tell me where I can download the latest update of smartphone?
  4. Hi, I have lost reception on my Canary.Nothing to do with the Aeroplane On/Off setting network coverage dropping it etc.Made a phone call last night about 19:00.10 mins later the phone lost signal and no matter what I have tried it hasnt come back. Any help greatly appreciated. Chirs
  5. Right i need an answer to a question in the next hour because i wont be on the net for a while. I have a new SPV coming 2moz cos my backlight has gone and i want to know what is the best way to back my phone memory up and where and how to put it back when i have got my new phone. Thanks alot people The race is on......
  6. My camera saves the movies in .mpeg format but i think its the wrong codec. How can i get round this?
  7. I Have all of the above players. I was just wondering in general where I could find some move trailers, funny clips etc that I could download directly and put onto my phone. Also if anyboy can help. I want to put some video clips that I took on my fuji camera and play them on my phone although none of my players will play it. Any idea of how I could get it to play Thanks
  8. HI Im Looking for movie trailers to view on my spv using pocker spv or something like that. Could anyone tell me where i could download these sort of trailers which are of a decent size so that i can put them on my phone. Either websites or what i need to type into a search engine to find them.
  9. I have found a Toshiba 128mb SD memory card on Ebuyer for £30. Can anyone confirm that this card will work for my SPV. Thanks
  10. Hi, Im looking to buy a 64mb SD card for my SPV. Does anyone know where I can get one dirt cheap. English places please.
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