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  1. Zebrahead

    vega frozen when in usb host mode

    There are many many many threads about this, maybe not so recent, but a search would have found some :P I made a tool that can fix it without wiping any of your data. Check my website or search and you'll find it here. Zeb
  2. Zebrahead

    Restoring Nandroid from a previous version of CWM

    Flash it with nvflash? Zeb
  3. Zebrahead

    Advent Vega V2

    Don't hope for honeycomb. Suppose it's purely time dependant, but ICS is out towards the end of the year... Jus' sayin' Zeb
  4. Zebrahead

    Android 3.2 #kernel source code

    Android 3.2 isn't a kernel... The kernel is based on a linux kernel and isn't tied to android releases. And I was under the impression that it was just the 3.2 SDK? They wont have released it as ASOP. If it's just the SDK (and I'm not too sure, I haven't been reading the news), then that just means that you'll be able to build apps for 3.2. As for "porting" anything, the best you could possibly possibly hope for is the worlds biggest hack job of porting the 3.2 emulator images to VEGA. But this won't happen, If it does, it won't be anywhere near as usable as VegaComb. Zeb
  5. You don't need to do anything after it. This just effectively flashes a clockwork backup without having to be in clockwork. As for why it's not letting you type the directory? What do you mean? It's not being found? Is the directory mounted? Zeb
  6. Reflash using nvflash (i.e. stock) You've changed the size of /system (or you're trying to flash a modified system.img that doesn't fit). Reflashing stock will fix this. Presumably you're trying to use this coming from one of the older VegaComb versions? /system was enlarged to fit the honeycomb /system Zeb
  7. Zebrahead

    Install an app via clockworkmod -How?

    Boot into clockwork : adb push <path to app> /system/app This will install it as a system app (as telephony normally is). If you want to install as a regular app : adb install <path to app> Zeb EDIT : Thought I should mention, you need to be in recovery to push to /system
  8. Zebrahead

    Ubuntu on vega (other method) 05/04/2011

    7z should do it. Not that a file extension means anything, but the fact that it ends in 001 implies that it may be the first of a couple of parts to the zip? a) Are all of the parts in the same directory? :blink: Are you sure you're trying to extract the "root" part? Zeb
  9. Zebrahead

    Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (natty) on Vega (update 13/4)

    Glad to hear it worked ^^. As for wifi, there's plenty of posts in this thread about it. You'll be using wpa_supplicant and dhclient, if you can't find what you need here, google will have the answer. If memory serves there may be a shell script in your home directory that may point you in the right direction? (Not too sure, haven't used this rootfs in a long time). As for host, you're in it. You're booting ubuntu as if you would on a desktop - in host mode. Zeb
  10. Zebrahead

    Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (natty) on Vega (update 13/4)

    Overclocking android partition shouldn't affect your linux partition. The overclocking would either be set in your android kernel (which would have been overwritten by this linux kernel), or set at runtime by setCPU etc (which isn't reached as you're not booting android). As for the resolving the issue, do you have any output? An failure code? If not, then first thing I'd check would be that you've built your boot image using the correct kernel. Zeb
  11. Zebrahead

    Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (natty) on Vega (update 13/4)

    There's already a thread about running it in a VNC viewer ^^, search for it and you should find. You can get wifi via the ways I explained earlier. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=wpa_supplicant+arch&l=1 What do you mean main ubuntu? USB Host works. Slave does not (this is not an issue, expected behaviour). Zeb
  12. Zebrahead

    Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (natty) on Vega (update 13/4)

    You can get files to the tablet by plugging your micro sd card into a computer and mounting your ubuntu partition. This will give you full access to the filesystem allowing you to move files to and from the device Zeb
  13. Zebrahead

    Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (natty) on Vega (update 13/4)

    E You need to create it based upon your connections. Google it. If I remember, the arch forums have a good post about it. Zeb
  14. Zebrahead

    Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (natty) on Vega (update 13/4)

    At the top? Do you mean in a gnomepanel? Haven't used this rootfs in a long time and I no longer have the device, but I don't remember network manager working. What you're seeing in the gnomepanel is the network manager applet. You have to connect using a terminal or (I know it works on my rootfs, not sure about this one) an alternative network manager - such as wicd Zeb
  15. This solution is unlikely to work anyway, unless VTL flashes a different kernel, this won't fix it. The most obvious (potential) reason for this is that VTL deletes the stock launcher and then installs itself. If your download was corrupt in some way, you may be left with no launcher. There are a few ways to proceed. 1. Firstly, do you have the download link of VTL? If I can see what it does, I can try and see what went wrong and try and find a nice solution that doesn't involve losing data. 2. If you do not, then if it is the problem I said above, then you should still be able to drop into a shell. You could try entering the following into a terminal : adb wait-for-device; adb install -r <A LAUNCHER APK THAT ISN'T VTL - THE STOCK ONE MAYBE?> Enter that, plug your device in, and turn it on normally. That will try to install the other launcher providing the device can boot so far. This is a nice solution. If this works, your data will be preserved and everyone is happy :) == (Try the above before these, these involve some description of "rolling back" your data) == 3. Do you have a past CWM backup? If you do, you can restore that using one of the tools on my website (sig) 4. If you don't, then restoring stock is always an option ^^ Note : there's only so much I can do to help as I don't have the device any more! But I'll try my best ^^ Zeb

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