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  1. Hi, thx very much for this rom! I had serious problems with battery life--so I bought a new battery, even stronger one..and installed new rom, cyanogen.. however I still had troubles (chargred overnight and be dead in the evening with very light use, or having 55 bat level and waking up with phone being dead..) that all after battery recalibration tips and new battery.. So i thought new battery is crappy too, but still tried your rom..currently im at 53 after 1d 16h of modreate usage (except for night ofc)..which is wonderful imo..!
  2. anyone having working andry birds-seasons? from lvl 2 its unplayable for me (jellyfish 2.2 RLS5)
  3. use a sticker?:P I dont see why u are so into this logo-removing..its a cheap (and very good price/abilities) branded chinese phone, why are u so insisting on logo removal?:D
  4. Hi, very nice job. I currently switched to your RLS5 version from the initial pauls custom 2.1. It seems to run little faster, for instance angry birds season were totally unplayable, now it seems to work (at least first levels). On the other hand i seems the battery consumption is somehow higher (pauls rom had HW accel too, tough). Do u recommend switching to RLS6 (im not sure about the GPS thing), or rather waiting for rls 7? thx
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