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  1. hello,

    Ifound in forum that you have solution for bricked dead

    lg. I also manage to destroy phone by few times flashing it and now is dead, PC can not see it and dont even turn on. If you can help me,please

    thanks in advance

    [email protected]

  2. Android, iPhone, Blackberry Repair Service (mail in or local walk in for Tampa customers) Frequently Asked Questions What am I buying? You are buying a mail in or walk in repair SERVICE for your Android, iphone, or Blackberry Device. You must send or bring in your phone to us to be repaired. Fees and method of shipping the phone to us is your choice and responsibility. This auction includes the repair service and return shipping. How does this mail in repair service work? 1. Win the auction by clicking "buy it now", check out & ship your cell phone to: Smart Phone Solutions 7015 Donald Avenue Tampa, Fl 33614 Note: Fees and method of shipping the phone to us is your choice and responsibility. This auction is for the repair and return shipping. 2. Please send: (I highly recommend shipping w/ delivery confirmation & insurance) Phone only!. Ebay auction item number and Ebay user ID name Proof of payment -- Printout your paid paypal receipt. If you don't have access to a printer, make sure to include your ebay item number and your name. 3. Once we receive your phone, we will: Reapir your celular device test after repair send you an email with delivery confirmation number and mail it back the same day. What is your shipping option and turn-around time? We return ship the same day we receive your phone with your choice of shipping method. USPS Priority Mail (3-5 business days) $Free$. Phone will be sent back in Priority shipping box. USPS Express Mail (Overnight to most cities) $12. Phone will be sent back in Express Mailer. Walk-In service Please call first! Open Everyday! I live in Tampa. Can I bring the phone in person? Yes!! Questions: E-mai [email protected] alex.hxc (Skype) We offer fast, friendly and the most reliable repair service on Ebay. Questions: E-mail [email protected] Skype: alex.hxc We are proud to be the fastest and most reliable cell phone service! - Guaranteed, same day return shipping with email notification of delivery confirmation tracking number. If you have any questions PLEASE CONTACT ME! Blackberry Users:Do you have a Blackberry that nas been nuked? Does it say software reload? Does a white screen appear? Is there a flashing red light? Well don't worry! Simply mail in your phone today and we will send your phone back in full working condition! Android Users:Do you have an Android phone that has been bricked? Is the boot logo repeating itself? Did you accidentally screw up the phone? Well we are proud to offer our mail in service for Android as well, where we return your phone to complete working order. As if the first day you bought it! iPhone Users:Last but not least, do you have an iPhone that has to be re flashed? Do you need it unlocked for any GSM provider? Did you install something and now its unresponsive? Is it REALLY slow? Simply use our easy mail in service and you will be shipped back a new phone!!! * Protected by eBay and Paypal *If phone cant be fixed it will be shipped back at no cost and payment will be refunded in full. *If any phones are NOT listed please contact before hand to verify it can be fixed. *When purchasing please remember to put Model #, Network, and issues regarding the phone so that our technicians can further help you. Phones we currently support: Blackberry: 8000 series and 9000 Series (8310,8320,8330,8520,8530,9000,9700,9760,9780,9550,9530) Android: Motorola Cliq, Samsung Galaxy S Series, LG Optimus T, Nexus One, Motorola Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, HTC Evo, Htc Incredible. iPhone: iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 I personally guarantee and stand behind all the products that I sell. Please note that when dealing with used electronics, unexpected problems do occasionally arise. Majority of the time, everything works great, but if you do for some some reason have a problem with a purchase, just email me and you will see that I am 100% committed to taking care of my customers.
  3. Tejas please PM me so that i can help both of you out. You dont need to contact Customer Service i have found a working solutions for this.
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