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  1. sorry for the noob question but how do I make my phone gen2? I bought it with the 2.1 orange stock rom brand new, a few days after it was released
  2. Ok i have downloaded the latest nightly, can I install as normal? What is this gen1 gen2 stuff?
  3. Oh ok but tought there are better stock 2.3 ROMs available since then and the last stable MOD is in May! Thanks for the reply mate :)
  4. Also note: I have an OLED san fran and haven't installed any other ROM besides this one, ever.
  5. I have a very old version of cyanogen mod (CyanogenMod-7-03202011-NIGHTLY-Blade) <--- that's the MOD Version. Now how do I upgrade to the latest and most stable 2.3 rom? I need this asap as I am going on holiday and this version is very unreliable. I know how to install from SD card using clockwork mod (which is already installed) Many thanks.
  6. Some people need a slap or two. You are hacking your phones with firmwares you wouldn't otherwise get if it were not for the great dev people on this forum. Stop complaining to such an extent that someone (me) feels like grabbing you through the screen and knocking some sense into you. I am on nightly 28 and yes there are some minor problems, but even if they were major I wouldn't complain; I have got Android 2.3 on my phone, and it works = me content. These guys, in hindsight, could sell this stuff if they wanted to but you are getting it all FREE....so stop moaning and enjoy what they are providing us with.
  7. Excellent nearly 350 fans. Great work. Let the world know about this incredible budget phone!
  8. Ok thanks mate. Yeah I love it, gonna have to install all my apps again as i thought i saved them on my SD card but now can't find them! But i love the style, and it's much smoother than the froyo alpha 4 i was on before.
  9. Thanks for such prompt replies guys. I am a noob so I completely forgot the Market is with Google apps, I shouldn't have rushed installing the ROM, can I just turn off, and flash zip from SD card using ClockwordMod? Thanks for the help about the green light guess I will just have to deal without it, and will install task manager once I have market installed.
  10. I just installed the 'CyanagenMod 7 Nightly 28' and I have a few problems. Before this, I had Froyo Alpha by Paul. 1. When the screen is on, all 3 of the bottom button lights are alight constantly (home, menu and 'back'). I was hoping that they would be off. Also, when I had an unread message, the 'back' light was 'green', but now it's just constantly green even though I have no texts. 2. I can't seem to find a task manager :S 3. I can't find Android Market Hope someone can help me with these issues, thank you!
  11. Lol I know facebook is getting quite annoying, especially all the uneccesary updates, but thanks anyway :D
  12. Got around 10 more fans since I posted this thread, nice one guys :D
  13. for those who are interested in the Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/OrangeSanFrancisco Sorry if it's not allowed to post here
  14. Yup have been texting since morning; still no delivery reports! Thanks anyway mate
  15. 73 views and no replies? Someone must be able to help!
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