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  1. OK so it's a cheesy topic title, but what else was I gonna say. Just posted up some eBay links to some Vega stuff (dock and case) over on the eBay forum, but it would be slightly cheeky not to post up and ask how's things with the Vega. Since my ownership, I've been rocking a Xoom and although it's supported, don't think thats worth double what the Vega is retailing for. Due to get ICS support soon so let you know how that goes.
  2. And why on middle earth, when i write the word that begins with 'i' does it automatically link to a Currys website!? DSG implicating on modaco!?
  3. I just laughing at the comments. People always look on the negative side. ALWAYS. If its cheap then its not good quality. If its good quality then its not as cheap as something else. Face it muppets, the phrase still stands 'Get what you paid for'. The moment something is not worth as much as something else, people stop buying it and buy something else. But its all relative. This is proved because Vega's are selling and iPad's are selling. Get a life.
  4. If someone posts up a running video of Alpha4, I can view it against the Xoom experience and tell you how bad or good it is!
  5. Nah mine went and came back on a Code 2. The repair centre doesn't understand or listen to how the screen is faulty, they test it (and sure it works, just not around the edges!) and then send it back.
  6. I'm one of the first inline for the update so ill get back to you.
  7. Just when I think DSG couldn't top themselves, they only went and did. After accepting a refund and purchasing a Xoom, the store told me that the tablet (currently in Brum distribution centre) is now diverted to the store. Just had a call from the rents and its only been delivered to my house! Now I have a Xoom and a free repaired Vega (which isn't by the sounds of the report.) GET IN!
  8. As I'm a illegal alien, I might as well ask the question. Anyones offical iplayer app working on HC!? I can pull the video up but its not showing and the box where its suppose to be is just showing black. Im on the xoom, but if your getting this, even the flapship device is having troubles.
  9. Your a select person whos fortunate to have one. The stock is gone and PC World/Apple website reporting a 4 week wait at least! The PC World guy reckoned it was self generated by Apple to create some hype, but I quickly put his flames out when he was putting my Xoom into a bag and told him that they lost at least 1 sale over that idea.
  10. I just picked up a Xoom as a replacement to my shoddy attempt as a repair to my Vega screen. Posting this off it now, its awesome. Anything I can do to help!?
  11. Time for an even bigger update on this situation After the promised 9th May delivery, nothing came. I rang them this morning to ask where it had got to only to be told that someone had been moving my delivery dates and now its sat somewhere in some warehouse somewhere. After a lengthy on hold phone call, I was met with another rep who picked up my call and didnt know who I was. This was the last straw for me. I quickly hung up and decided to tackle the nearest store on the issue this evening. I got home, marched my empty Vega box to my local PCWorld store explained the whole shabang to them. They didn't agree with a complete refund as I had the device for 6 months, but they did agree on exchange. I asked them if they would top up the price if I bought another product. After some head scratching, enquiring on 1st gen/2nd gen iPads and their availability (which might I add, didn't exist ) I quickly demoed the honeycomb tablets but settled on the Xoom, to which Im posting this reply from, now. Its awesome, honeycomb is awesome. And having it on the flagship device means awesome speed, the touch screen is immense for detail and touch responsiveness. It was a massive jump in price but what I should have had in the first place. Of course, this means I have a docking station and Advent case for sale, both in mint condition. I can provide details if anyone is after honeycomb info on files, folder contents and possibly some file transfers if they need it.
  12. Yeah I totally agree you with you here lee. The text message sounds just something standard that they send back, whether its a repair or just a replacement. I didn push hard in the store, but the more they resisted, the more I pushed and then the more they were adamant not to give a replacement. The fact that it was store bought didnt help, but the time scale really sealed the deal. I wasnt there when they picked it up, but the pickup guys are proper, they dont take the whole product in the box, they only take the tablet and the charger and then seal it inside some box infront of you so whether I get a replacement just like this or in a box has to be seen. If its a re-conditioned unit that's not my own, I hope there's a way to find out, because if it is, its going back.
  13. Yeah your 'known problem on the computer' was probably mine being reported with some weight at my local store and through the 4 departments over the phone, eahc one writing down the same issue I was explaining. The computer at my local store said nothing on the issue though. Anyway its gone and its coming back, whether its a new unit or the same, I don't know. I got a feeling its going to be a boomerang delivery if its the same though, I'm not giving up.
  14. Bit of a lengthy update. After visiting a store without my tablet to enquire, they told me to ring a number as I ordered it from the website. 30 minutes, 4 departments and £15 call later and they ask me to take it into a local store. The local techguy didnt know jack about anything with the vega, I shown him the screen issue with the 'multi-touch visualizer 2' app and he agreed there's a problem. They wont replace it in the store of via delivery terms as I'm one of the first that bought it (back in November) and had 6 months ownership. But then he told me to RING A NUMBER! to get it collected from my house! Talk about annoyed! It was collected 2 weeks ago and now had a text message 'that a repair has been carried out' and will be delivered on 9th May. The conundrum continues!
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