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  1. quyTam

    CM7 Selkang for OB

    I'm using it, it's a little bit buggy, but seems stable.
  2. quyTam

    It's quiet in here .....

    hope future availability in US will change this...
  3. quyTam

    connect pc

    with micro usb cable, check if "Mass Storage Only" is checked in the "SD card" settings. If it's still not recognize by the pc, then reboot your phone and restest
  4. quyTam

    Need smartshare.apk please

    all stock app of version 10d http://www.multiupload.com/OA03OTU3J3
  5. read the description of the functionality in the gesture menu ! keep G key pressed, hit the phone on the left or on the right to move the cursor
  6. with G button gesture functions, you can move the cursor. or you can install "swiftkey X" keyboard that have those arrows.
  7. quyTam

    ROOT Lg optimus Black(P970)

    see 1rt post ! If you don't have v10c or v10d : download Gingerbread on mSd card, install apk (for example with astro), lauch application and root (usb debugger mode must be enable) @hotbird and other who have 10c or 10d, what imporvements do those versions have ? if it's not relevant, flash old version so you can root the phone.
  8. yes, there's no problem to remove branded apps (with titanium for me). I never feel any problem of reactivity on any rom (but I'm not very carefull on that point). My LG black is just returned from reparation, I just flash an unbranded v10b rom and it seems to work fine.
  9. 11b is not simlocked, it has only 4 app branded Bouygue and boot/shutting-down Bouygue animation. I've try this one some days and didn't notice any changes. ps: And I brick my phone trying to get rid of the shutting down animation (so it's always possible to brick the phone), just be carefull.
  10. quyTam

    ROOT Lg optimus Black(P970)

    no, it's a full root. I've remove default app without problem with Titanium. Try to update SuperUser via titanium, or try to re-root with gingerbreak
  11. quyTam

    ADB in recovery

    Cool ! I don't understand what that implies, but I'm sure it's a good news for our LG Black ^^ Thanks
  12. quyTam

    List of LG ROM downloads (firmware)

  13. quyTam

    720p video ration is "weird"

    ok, thanks for your reply ! I didn't check the reviews (and yes, just saw it on gsmarena). I'm in v10a, is it corrected with v10b or v11b ?
  14. Hello, the LG Black 720p video has a display ration completely stretch (horizontaly). (see youytube test video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuA_00lToHw) is it a problem of 3gp format that il not displayed correctly (it seems that with quicktime player, the display is correct) or the coding format itself ? Is it possible to correct this, or to use other codec (mp4 for exemple) then 3gp ? Thanks
  15. quyTam

    2.3 Gigerbread official release

    long time to wait .... :/

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