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  1. Have any of you GPS delay people checked what's in your gps.conf? Check first, then maybe update it manually. It's quite easy. Buy root explorer, it's cheap, great, worth it, and makes editing easy. http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...l-roms-gps-fix/
  2. I used this one: http://android.modaco.com/content-page/335...-gen1/page/185/ Only downside is that you loose power widgets in the notification area. I generally flash rom, reboot normally, reboot recovery, flash this. Someone else might be able to suggest how you can get both circle battery & power notifications. I think it's something to do with repacking the framework.
  3. Yeah, it's a pretty fantastic ROM, fibs! I've been using r11 for a week now, and I'm very happy. Good battery life, circle battery mod, tethering, and bluetooth & gps work well with multitasking. I do find that the wifi switches off when sports tracker pro is uploading tracks, unless I keep the screen from sleeping. It's a small inconvenience, and confusing, because Youtube keeps on streaming audio with the screen off. Other than that, I'm more than overjoyed that sports tracker happily keeps recording bluetooth heart rate monitor & gps data even when switching between apps, sms, calls, etc. On JJ & CM7 it won't do that! Thanks again :D
  4. I can't help but I feel your pain... my sports tracker Bluetooth heart rate monitor only works reliably on FLB and Paul's R12. Jj and cm7 it cuts out after a few mins of screen sleep. It carries on recording GPS position but not the heart rate. Very frustrating, and it's a make or break feature for me! :D
  5. I don't mean to troll - I'm quite happy with FLB on my OLED san fan - but in my experience after a few days with it, the battery usage isn't any better or worse than Paul's R12... the the thresholds where the battery icon changes are clearly heavily skewed, which may have a psychological advantage... Does anyone genuinely find it lasts 3 days with light usage or something?
  6. The power control widget is fantastic. It's such a shame it's part of Phone.apk and Settings.apk ... so I guess I can't extract it and use it elsewhere. :huh: Unless anyone knows differently? http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/3625-ne...-2g3g-toggling/
  7. Is there any way to make the killing of background threads less aggressive in CM? My sportstracker pro bluetooth heart rate monitor keeps getting killed when the screen is on sleep. The tracker keeps on recording the GPS position / speed etc and it *thinks* the monitor is still connected but reports a constant bpm - it could be a bluetooth stack issue. It works fine on Paul's R12 rom. I do see these in the logcat sometimes: I/am_kill ( 176): [659,com.sportstracklive.android.zephyr,12,too many background] I/am_proc_died( 176): [659,com.sportstracklive.android.zephyr] It might be another issue but I'd like to eliminate this as a potential source of the problem!
  8. R12 includes the HTC Checkin Service that runs in the background all the time. /system/app/CheckinProvider.apk It is safe to delete entirely, it's not included in other roms. I used titanium backup to do so. My battery life seems to have improved slightly, but it's only been a day and isn't exactly an objective. I'm normally lower than 93% by lunch. Related thread: http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...n-service-50mb/
  9. I don't know if this helps anyone, but I was getting Status 7 asserts failed attempting to install RC1 using clockwork recovery - it didn't seem to think my device parameters == "blade". It didn't make any difference whether I had script asserts enabled or disabled or signing on or off. Obviously I checked the zip md5 matched fine. I updated to clockwork recovery and it installed fine.
  10. Reboot after unplugging usb might also be a symptom of a badly calibrated battery. I've had this after fiddling with other roms. http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...bration-protip/
  11. I was in a similar position, but not so serious. I flashed the stock orange rom again, and it would still reboot randomly - although much more occasionally. Gallery 3D app always crashed it though. I phoned orange and arranged a swap. The courier arrived with an OLED model to replace my TFT model... bonus! Never looked back... never crashed since. If I were you I'd suck it up and install your stock rom over adb. It's not really that difficult. Good Luck :P
  12. Yep, much better. Must investigate how often it gets automatically cleared too... or stick it on the SD card so it doesn't matter. The blade's 512mb internal storage... does anyone know how it's used? Adding up the hex sizes given in cat /proc/mtd and converting to decimal I still end up ~60mb short... where's the rest? Is it accessible or is it used internally (wear levelling etc) by the flash controller?
  13. Perhaps I didn't explain that clearly... cache will be mounted in ram too. :P It's great that ADB works even when you bugger everything up, eh! I should probably practice on the emulator first... hehe!
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