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  1. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but this rom is far from the worst for the blade. There's a few very minor bugs which i can live with and the battery life for me is good, ie i get around 3-4 days on a charge with light wifi,3g,calls etc. It bugs me when peeps make sweeping statements and vilify a persons hard work rather than just say for example "good effort but i'll stick with something else" .
  2. I have one question, how do we get the contacts icon back next to the "to" field for text messages?. Other than that it's a rocking rom flib :P
  3. Sounds like a good idea :P I wish i could help but i know bugger all lol. One last version for FLB & JJ would be nice i guess if you have the spare time :D
  4. Nice themes frankish ;) my only problem is that i use Amon Ra instead of clockwork, how do i go about using your themes with rls7a ? I can reflash clockwork tbh but i prefer Amon Ra ;)
  5. Tbh that's a very minor issue and i'm sure it will be sorted at some point.....just be patient i would say..
  6. +1...........without people like you,kalt,seb and paul etc who dedicate the time to rom's we'd still be stuck with 2.1..
  7. I was getting pretty much the same tbh fantastic rom though and it's great that there's people like kalt etc that do these roms but unfortunately i've swapped to the flb r6 instead for now purely as the battery life is so much better. Over night i only lost 1% on the battery with background data and 3g still switched on whereas on the jj rom i would lose 10% or more, if it wasn't for the battery drain i'd definately still be using this rom.
  8. Thanks for the reply, basicaly it was just installing all apps to the internal 208mb memory and ignoring the ext2 partition . I'm using ra_recovery and it's finaly worked...took 4 attempts and the a2sd usage is actually showing up in tit/backup aswell now. Curiously though i've only just recently changed from clockwork recovery to ra_recovery and on the first 3 attempts i was using that to create the ext2 partition but on the 4th attempt i used minitool partition wizard in windows to create the partition instead (decreased the size of the ext2 partition aswell).
  9. After using the jj roms i thought i'd give this one a whirl aswell...using an 8gb class 6 card with an ext2 partition all looks good apart from in titanium backup the a2sd partition is still showing 1.91gb (1.91gb free). Never had this problem with the jj roms...do i need to do anything else?
  10. Yes it's cheaply made but what else do you expect for a budget smartphone?
  11. Cool ;) ......Thanks for taking the time to reply :)
  12. Just a quick question running pauls 2.2 alpha 3 rom atm.... i've got a spare 4gb class 6 card hanging around and i might give this app a whirl but will i need to partition the card like you need to for a2sd? or is just leaving it as 1 primary fat32 partition ok?
  13. I'm new to this malarkey and predictably i didn't ^^ Thanks for taking the time and replying :) just redone it with wiping data and cache and it still did it and thought i was screwed lol but it booted up fine after 30secs. Looking good so far and thanks again for helping :)
  14. Thought i'd give it a go and thought it went great flashing the 2.2 alpha3-update-modacocustomrom-blade-kitchen-unsigned.zip until i rebooted the phone and it goes past the green android screen but then gets stuck at the modaco logo screen for so many seconds then flicks off and back to the same screen. Have i done something wrong and do i need to repeat the process?
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