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  1. I had the same thing, glass cracked but screen all ok. I couldn't fix it my self and so decided to use my insurance. My insurance tried to fix it but quicky found the same problem as me and gave me a whole new vega.
  2. Hey just installed this rom and its working well. I did have loads of freezing and the book app going walkies. I don't know what happened to books as the application manager says it is still there, I seem to have sorted the freezing though by turning the clock speed down to 1.2ghz. I am posting with the vegacomb now :-)
  3. dringie

    New Screen??

    Good idea ill give that go. Cheers
  4. dringie

    New Screen??

    Hello everyone, I had that horrible moment a few moments ago fining a crack in the Vega screen. It is a very fine hairline crack that I don't even know how it happened. The Digitizer works fine still and only affects the top nearside of the screen. Does any one now where I can find a replacement? I have checked ebay already and no luck :-(
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