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  1. Sorted. *#*#4636#*#* is the solution for future reference.
  2. Hi ppl, Where I live (UK) I am on the edge of a 3g 'reception zone'. When not using WiFi, my phone constantly changes between 2g & 3g signal which gets quite annoying. On my old phone (zte blade) was running the Swedish spring ROM and there was a setting on it which enabled me to choose between gsm/wcma(?) which cured the problem. Is there a setting I can change or an app to install that will stop me from picking up this pesky 2g signal? I'm currently using the Modaco Cyanogen ROM. Kind regards, Simon
  3. I see the prebake is still showing r3, is this right or is it just the link that hasn't been updated? Regards, Si
  4. I cleared data, with no result, cleared cache, forced stop, disabled & enabled all with no success. Did the same with exchange service. Was probably doing something wrong tho.... Nevermind, all sorted after the reflash. Thanks for all you do Paul :-)
  5. Hi David, Don't think I'm using Titanium backup. I'm using twrp recovery and backup through there. I wouldn't be too bothered but I use the email app quite frequently. Will it be easier to just reinstall the r3 zip file? Kind Regards
  6. Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply mate. Been into settings>apps>email and cleared data. Deleted the app from the folder on my homepage. Went back into app drawer and tried to launch app, but still same message. Have I done right? Cheers, Si
  7. Hi guys, Just installed this ROM and everything seems to be working OK apart from the 'Email' app. When I try to open 'Email' from my app drawer I get the message 'unfortunately, Email has stopped'. I also have the app in a folder on my home page and when I select it from the folder I get the message ' app isn't installed'. Is this correct? I'd the Email app not in this new ROM? Cheers guys, Si
  8. Having an issue with a WiFi hotspot with my nexus too, although I feel its the hotspot that's the problem, not the nexus. When I activate my phone (zte blade running Swedish snow ROM) as a hotspot' my nexus will connect but then disconnect after 30secs, then connect, then disconnect and so on.... When the wife activates her phone (zte blade running fish'n'chips' ROM) as a hotspot, perfect stable connection is established with my nexus! I'm sure it's a ROM flaw on the phone, but as to what....I don't know! Kind regards Simon
  9. Hi all, I currently have the above ROM installed on my ZTE Blade. I have an issue when my phone Is being used as a portable hotspot. My nexus 7 will establish a connection with my phone but then lose connection after about 30secs. It will then regain connection after a further 30secs and so on and so forth. My wife also has a Blade with the fish'n'chips rls2 ROM installed. When she activates her phone as a portable hotspot my nexus connects to her phone perfectly with no disconnection issues. Is there a setting somewhere on Swedish snow that I need to adjust to maintain a solid connection, or does anyone know why I'm having this problem? Kind regards, fillo
  10. Hi folks, How do I update from Jr12 to Jr13? Do I do any wiping or backing up before installation or after? Thanks for any advice :-)
  11. Stock browser often freezes and has to be 'forced closed'? Is there a setting I need to adjust a anywhere or a tweak to be made?
  12. I've managed to get the modaco ROM installed and running now! Let Xmas commence :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
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