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  1. Hi, it aint instaled a market apk :-/, but installed the all others (doc, maps...)
  2. I got only one problem.. MARKET!!! where do I get a market that works well in nighty 179??? please help me :-)
  3. normaly is because the cyanogen let u do more dbs then the original.. in the cyanogen settings u can low the dbs and then u will get less distortion
  4. I noticed that the battery is running faster than usual
  5. my three buttons are very strange.. its hapening to all? the unluck isnt scaled
  6. EDIT:---the auto-focus doenst work.. for barcode scanner is very helpfull hehe..---- it seems to be working, just a bad time lol btw, very good and fantastic job :D
  7. How can I install the portuguese package of touchpal?
  8. rickwiatt can u post the keyboard that is in the v2 rom? the touch something =/ cant remember the name
  9. ricky where can I get the keyboard blackthemed that is on your v2 rom? (not the android keyboard) where can we get themes?? :huh::D:D
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