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  1. The link doesn't work. I think it should be: http://mikeioannina.us.to/mikeioannina.droid.tk/downloads/RacerMod-1.3-Racer.zip
  2. I have exactly the same problem. I ordered I new digitizer from here: http://www.ecrater.com/p/15379419/touch-screen-digitizer-for-zte-racer?keywords=zte+racer Hopefully when it arrives it should be good to go after replacment...
  3. http://www.modaco.com/topic/351670-ics-cm9-404-coldfusionx-for-the-zte-blade-rom-updated-3105/ This is the ROM that should be resized and ported, but first we need someone to make a kernel with working touch, OpenGL ES, audio, etc... I think we need a .35 kernel base.
  4. The libs DO work as they are offical and I think other devs said they are very fast. But the artifacts we get I'm afraid it's a kernel problem :o
  5. It has finally happened! Qualcomm Releases Adreno 2xx GPU Binaries for on ICS ARMv6 Devices! :) http://www.xda-developers.com/android/qualcomm-releases-adreno-2xx-gpu-binaries-for-on-ics-armv6-devices/
  6. Here :) http://android.modaco.com/topic/319622-htc-ime-for-the-racer/
  7. I'm so glad to see MIUI on this phone :) By the way, if it's some help the X10 Mini team has managed to port MIUI v4 (ICS) to X10 mini. I know our phones have kernel problems with ICS but everything on their ROM is resized for LDPI.
  8. There will be another 7.2.0-RC1 :) http://review.cyanog...,CHANGELOG.mkdn Here's the changelog:
  9. Krste

    ZTE Racer II?

    I played with this device today I can give you the following details: - It has a capacitive multitouch screen, though not one of the best touchscreens. - It's running Android 2.2.2 stock and kernel. - The UI is not very fast and laggy sometimes. - Playing 3D games, or as a matter of fact any 2D games is near impossible because I don't think it has any GPU (like Adreno 200 on the original ZTE Racer). Eveyrthing 2D/3D is extremly laggy, I'd say it can barely get 5 FPS. I thinks this is due to the slower SOC/CPU - Broadcom BCM2157 too. - Apart from that I didn't check anything but I do noticed that the screen is still only 240x320 (QVGA) so very low res and low color quality display. Apart from having a resistive touchscreen, I'll recomend the original ZTE Racer if you can get it over the Racer II, it's better in almost everything.
  10. Sorry, didn't attach the picture right :P Here it is: It still has ~5% left.
  11. I have to report back the excellent battery life on #224v2. Two days with moderate use, swap enabled.
  12. If you want to create EXT and SWAP partitions easily just reboot to CWM Recovery, go to Advanced -> Partition SD Card and choose the desired sizes. I have 2GB Class 6 card partitioned 128MB EXT and 32MB swap and it works great, never ran out of memory or had restart problems. Once again, thank you Racerboy and vamshistunner for your excelent roms keeping the Racer alive :)
  13. deadlink, many thanks for this ROM is excellent. Honestly, I've never seen my phone this fast! The only thing that isn't working for me is screen on/off animations. Everything else is perfect. And I have just one question. I already have swap partition on my SDcard, is there any way to enable swap on this ROM?
  14. Krste

    ZTE Racer II?

    I see different reviews on the net about the touchscreen, is it resistive or capacitive (multitouch)?
  15. Krste

    10 pence sale on market

    Bought some nice apps, it's about 5 MKD in Macedonian money, cheaper then a lolipop :P

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