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  1. Thanks for the reply. I've always skipped the setup, because I use a 63 character wifi password and copy/paste it. Except for the old CM7 build I still have, none of the newer roms have working wifi for me (I've tried 6 or 7 by now). It's one of the older blades, I think the generation after they stopped producing them with OLED. Mine is definitely a TFT and the number inside it says P729B.
  2. Hey, I wanted to give my old Blade (Gen1 TPT'd to Gen2) to my mom, because her phone died. Now I've encountered a problem. While Wifi still works fine with an old cyanogen mod (cm7.1.0-RC1) I still had lying around, all the newer roms, even other cm7 roms break the Wifi. I've tried CM9 through 11 and the minimalist versions of CM7 and CM9. It finds the Network, but after entering the password it just switches back and forth between Connecting... and Authentication... until it just gives up. I even switched from WPA2, to WPA, to WEP to nothing and changed the channels to make sure it wasn't a problem with the network itself - without any luck tho. The old cyanogen mod that works has an older kernel ( I've tried searching for a solution and browsed some of the threads, but couldn't find anything unfortunately. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks in advance.
  3. The problem with android benchmarks is that they are BS... The Galaxy Nexus scores a little below 300 points in 2D in antutu. So does the Motorola Razr, the Galaxy S2, the Evo3D and the Transformer Prime.
  4. Judging by this thread, nope. So, excuse my ignorance, but... why? I mean, those are the same issues that the current cm9 build (and aosp build) have, so what good would it do to have a build ported from another (almost identical) device with the same issues? :mellow:
  5. 250€ for a used sensation seems optimistic. I followed the used market for around a month now (looking for a decent used phone myself) and sensations usually go for like 300€ and those were ~6 months old and the exterior had some scratches and marks. I switched to an HTC Evo 3D a few days ago and so far I'm happy with it. the difference to the blade is quite significant even with everything at stock. If you can get your hands on a sensation for the prices you said I'd make the switch if you don't mind a bulkier/heavier/bigger phone. apart from that every single aspect is obviously an upgrade from the blade.
  6. yeah, but how likely is that? :( How long did we wait for a proper wifi driver? about a year? Kernel sources were even worse iirc because the stuff they released was utterly broken. Even the newer, more expensive and more popular chipsets struggle to get the needed stuff. Some Tegra2 devices are a good example and most of the devs are sitting there and can only wait till either nvidia releases the needed libs and drivers or till LG or Motorola (for example) release their own ICS build.The former being probably a little more likely than the latter if you look at LG's update policy so far (does the P990 have Gingerbread already? lol).
  7. I welcome the discussion about the future potential of the blade or the lack thereof. I think we should come to terms with the fact that we won't get a fully or even mostly working ICS, not because we don't have the manpower or dev skill, but simply because we don't have the necessary parts. The blade isn't the only phone that is struggling with this. The P990 for example lacks the HAL drivers from nvidia to get important parts working in ICS and for now it doesn't seem like nvidia is going to release it any time soon. To quote Ricardo Cerqueira "I know what's broken, I know what's needed to fix it, and I know it isn't available anywhere for now" From the little reading i've done to get a little up to speed with the whole ICS stuff it seems that only Texas Instruments is delivering drivers and sources in a timely and open manor. (Maybe the reason why google went for an OMAP in the Galaxy Nexus?) Although I'm happy with my blade - especially for the price i paid (~85€) - it def has its shortcomings in terms of performance which is why i'm currently contemplating on selling it and buying an HTC EVO 3D which is on sale here for 222€/£186, but the small community behind the GSM Version and plenty of posts about "dust problems" put me off at the moment.
  8. Then you haven't read your quote correctly. It reduces the voltage (hence the name). The different clockspeeds (and their multipliers) will be the same with or without undervolting, but since different clockspeeds need different voltages to be stable you just can't set a general undervolting value. For example let's say your blade clocks at 700mhz under load and at 122mhz when idling. (I'm pulling voltages out of my a** now) Say the stockvoltages for 700mhz are 0.8V and for 122mhz 0.4V. Now you could say "well, I undervolt it by -0.2V". Now 700mhz would be at 0.6V and stable, but 122mhz would be at 0.2V and not be stable. So you'd adjust it independently. So maybe 700mhz will work with 0.55V without crashing, but 122mhz needs 0.35V or it will get unstable. It could also be that 700mhz works with 0.7V and would crash below but 122mhz is able to run stable with only 0.15V.
  9. iirc thats the mirror i posted, but i didn't compile it nor did the source where i got it from post an md5. fwiw the file on my harddrive that worked fine on my blade has the following md5: 41667b32491ebbe72a25820b1518f120 There is nothing bad that can happen tho, this is just a rom, not a TPT, so the worst that can happen is that it won't install at all or that you get a bootloop and have to recover a backup or flash another rom.
  10. How big is the differnce between undervolted and normal? If it's anything like desktop processors then undervolting in idle won't save a ton of power. Usually it's in the lower single digit range.
  11. not sure, the "smashing the head in with a brick"-part sounds kind of fun ;)
  12. Here is a mirror of burtslam's normal version: http://www.multiupload.com/SBHBJI1EE1 (N317X-35-signed.zip (74.18 MB)) md5: 7E032CD5926A46820435DD9AE64F59B8
  13. expand the first grey rectangle and download from the 2nd grey rectangle it averages ~180kb/s for me (germany).
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