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  1. Has anyone been able to successfully install an play Cordy on Froyo? Last time I tried it caused my phone to soft-reboot!
  2. Lance thank you for this informative post, one question though, how would you apply these changes to a zip so I don't have to use terminal to echo the lines into the files? I got it, its the init boot you mention - doh!
  3. How does HWAccel increase battery usage? Isn't hardware acceleration supposed to be more efficient than code run on the CPU?
  4. Trying to remove appearance folder from /etc/ do i get normal market notifications etc back but on doing so it stops the phone booting, hanging on the green man, any ideas?
  5. A 4 sided box, you know, with the top open :mellow:
  6. so the next test would be to artificially attenuate the signal by placing both gens in a metal box and see which ones better?
  7. What a load of mis-information. 100% charge does nothing to li-ion, they have circuits integrated which prevent over charging, because as you know, over charging li-ion can make them volatile...
  8. I have a wakelock issue with dialler in RLS4b, means the battery drains pretty quickly.
  9. There's this one too https://market.android.com/details?id=net.xdevelop.rm
  10. Yes, I got confused between Kernel and ROM.
  11. Tomtom's only have a 400mhz processor.
  12. Have you got spareparts installed? Check that under wakelock, cell standby might not be anything to worry about, it's going to use the radio whether its in coverage or not.
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