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    Wireless charging - supplement, but don't replace...

    I got a Nokia DT-900 from ebay for under £20, brand new and delivered. It works flawlessly with the 2013 Nexus 7 but with my Nexus 4 if you leave it in day dream mode it sometimes ghost dials, put it too sleep completely and it works fine.
  2. PlaneMan

    Mobile Broadband on a Budget (or FREE!)

    You can also refer yourself if you want another SIM, before you wouldn't get the £. Handy if you run more than one phone.
  3. PlaneMan

    Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 sells out

    Had the 16GB N4 in my basket 3 times only for the server error to mess it up and remove it from my basket. Very shoddy way to handle such a big launch.
  4. My 2X will be retired as soon as I get the nod from Google. Just hope it's sooner rather than later.
  5. Nice one. Might be handy as I have people abroad.
  6. Just what I've been waiting for.
  7. PlaneMan

    Bargain Watch: FlightRadar24 Pro now only $0.99

    Got this yesterday, it's suprisingly addictive.
  8. PlaneMan

    Touchnote is free until 31st August

    Been using this for free postcards for a few weeks, generally they are very good quality prints. They also dispatch from Europe so if you have people abroad you can still send them free.
  9. PlaneMan

    Unboxing the Orange San Diego - video!

    Looks nice and fast, any chance of a Quadrant benchmark? Thanks.
  10. PlaneMan

    T-Mobile Rapport down to £40

    Don't forget Quidco or TopCashBack. Also in (some) stores.
  11. PlaneMan

    OnLive launched for Android

    Works fine on my Optimus 2X (CyanogenMod-7), the controls for Lego Batman are a bit cramped though.
  12. PlaneMan

    [Q] Copying SD card contents

    Did this not long ago, it just worked. Copy everything across and it should be fine, check first before wiping the old SD card though. :)

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