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  1. Same problem for me - Seems to be Bluetooth related.Happens when connect/disconnect car Bluetooth,. Is there an easy way to downgrade software on an unrooted phone? Would like to think Vodafone will release a patch but who knows Cheers Steve
  2. According to the pdf with B952 I cannot upgrade from B885??? Maybe its time for a new phone :-(
  3. Many thanks Can you provide a link to B952 please? Also do i put it on the sd card as a zip file or extracted to a folder(if the latter what name do i give the folder?) Steve Steve
  4. Thanks Just thought I had to update my baseband before upgrading. Steve
  5. Many thanks for your reply but can I do this straight from B885? Steve PS Tried updating B885 to B892 using your method but just get a pink screen
  6. Been trying all day to upgrade without success I cannot get from B885 to B892 and until I do this no other update will work I have deleted CWM and put ofiicla recovery on, formatted,rebooted but it always fails. latest error is E:Error in /sdcard/HwOUC/update.zip Please can anyone help?
  7. Yes think Ill look into that Im stuck on B885 at the minute and cannot upgrade to B892 as it fails I think I need to remove CWM first which Im trying to do. Steve
  8. Hi just had my phone wipe itself completely again! Last time I managed to restore a cwm backup and all was fine. This time I can't seem to restore my phone properly no matter what I try it only seems to half do it? I get into cwm and it says its restored but it only seems to do half of it? Launcher pro force closes along with a few other apps. Running b885 stock rom with root. Any help would be much appreciated! Steve
  9. Luckily I have a clockwork backup form end July so have restored phone almost. Just hope it doesn't happen again now. Its only 6 months old but I don't really want the hassle of tasking it back so fingers crossed! Steve
  10. Hi Same thing has just happened to me. Phone is unlocked and rooted running stock GB rom Updated a few apps via Google play then went to open Dolphin Jetpack and phone froze. Pressed power button and screen went black and unresponsive. Did a battery pull and on boot up the phone is wiped and back to the android welcome screen? Super su is still present as the previous poster says. Have no idea why this has happened? Can anyone help? Cheers Steve
  11. Well my blob keeps moving but now the top edge of the screen has a blob whenever i apply pressure to the top corner. Its as if the screen is coming away from the phone. I'm going to have to send it back but have unlocked, cwm and rooted.Running stock B885 Can someone point me to the thread Im sure Ive seen so I can put it back to normal as such Assume as from Voda online has to go to them and not a store? Cheers Steve
  12. I had the same problem. As I was applying a screen protector I had 2 blobs appear. They looked like air bubbles under the screen protector at first. They changed in size when I pressed them. In the end I rubbed them quite hard with the edge of my finger and they disappeared. They haven't come back yet, but who knows. Steve
  13. Have pressed quite firmly on the screen where the bubbles were and they have gone down now. There are slight marks where they were but they are only noticeable because I know they are there. Not sure if ive cured it or just temp fixed it and they may reappear. Maybe the glass is glued and the glue is failing? Bought online so think it has to go back to them online and not to a store. Steve
  14. I was gently wiping the screen prior to putting a screen protector on and they just appeared. I have reset the phone and it has come back on but all the Voda apps have gone so maybe Ill have to flash a rom? Cheers Steve
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