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  1. jr866gooner

    Tapatalk support

    Tapatalk appears to be horrifically broken, it worked ok ish until recently. This site may be drowning as it doesn't seem as lively as it once was :(
  2. jr866gooner

    Text messaging app crashes

    Settings,applications, under the all Tab scroll to messaging and clear data. I'll be honest I'm not sure if this deletes texts so backup first just in case!!
  3. jr866gooner

    Strange battery problem

    Have to admit I have just upgraded to ICS and found battery was draining not really fast but enough to notice...opted to a spare an hour of my FM time to factory reset. I had previously just upgraded with out flushing anything so I think the direct route in my case want the best way to go... Since I did a factory reset my battery today has been flawless! I am going to give it a fair run till the weekend to be sure but all is promising so far! :)
  4. Don't forget to hit menu and save after too :D
  5. jr866gooner

    Why does it go down to 90%

    I am spreading the word to hopefully help people with a slight battery drain and so far I think this has helped! I have just installed watchdog monitoring app,you can specify the Samsung update service to be killed at a certain threshold by adding it to a blacklist the threshold for me is ok at 1% it never runs! Certainly noticed improvement so far. On other Android handsets you could stop this from searching for updates but samsung have failed to follow in the same steps!
  6. jr866gooner

    Messaging/Typing issues

    what keyboard are you both using?
  7. jr866gooner

    Any of you been bricked?

    I remember one friday evening I thought.......sod it Ill have a go and flashed a rom on my phone for the first time. was literally bricking it myself but when i booted eveything new and exciting and the speed of my phone was awesome. Well well worth it
  8. Good morning all, I like the feature for the screen auto rotating however one thing I dont like is the auto rotation of the main screen.... Would there be a way to exclude the main screen but keep the feature on for pictures,keyboard layout auto changing browser rotating etc etc? Look forward to your replies JRGooner
  9. My insurance company have given me a wildfire for my faulty blade, its not bad bu screens carp in comparison.....however I am sure the desire would be a much better bet and fairly similar to the blade!
  10. My OSF is beyond repair I had the call from the insurance company today......They dont stock this phone so I have accepted their offer of an HTC Wildfire. I get the feeling that its just not going to be as good as the san fran, Has anyone else made the jump? or maybe has both? I wanted to say a big thankyou to all of that have helped me here in some way. I will still return to help others in the best way possible so I will not be running away for long....... Once again thanks all!
  11. I would like to easily put mp3 files into playlists using windows drag and drop rather than manually doing it on my phone.......I tend to chop and change ROMS and each time I loose em! Look forward to your replies JR
  12. jr866gooner

    Drowned San francisco

    Well Ive sent my SF to the repair centre following the successfull application for the insurance claim. I did it next day delivery so should be there before 9am today. What exactly are they likely to do? So lets say they replace the screen since its a bit dodgy, will they take a look at the board to see if that damaged with liquid? I mentioned it on the engineers sheet but not sure how these places work?!
  13. Does anyone else have issues with configuring email in the default email client? I cant seem to get mine to get mail at all!
  14. jr866gooner

    I have a question :S

    It depends what your downloading.....some apps are made by the developer to only be used from the local device, Games for example are mostly able to be moved to the SD card.

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