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    Problems after unlocking

    Hi, I didn't need to install any other apps to phone, text. Sounds like it is defaulting to message+. If you can get to the already installed apps, Phone should be the right one, then hopefully it should then ask if you want it to be the default from hereon in. For texts, go to Messenger, three dots to get the settings, then set default sms to be Messenger Good luck
  2. paraffinbrain

    Kingroot Suspicions

    I lost Chrome after the Kingroot / SuperSuMe process. Everything ok for me after I ran the basic stock rom as update via recovery.
  3. paraffinbrain

    Oh dear, stuck on "Powered by Android"

    Yeah, thanks all, I had a corrupted update.zip, which accounts for the original unpleasantness, but am back in to stock and restoring now. Was less of a panic, and more "have tried the dozen learned ways out from previous phones, now reduced to trying the same thing unsuccessfully a dozen times" and gradual descent into resignation, But have also been through that more times than I care to remember with tech upgrades. And all this was after I reflashed the original rom to get the upgrade - as I'd removed messenger+ - and everything worked but then Chrome only returned a blank screen, so I thought I'd reflash again... at some point I should learn to do one thing at at time (rather than flash, kingroot, supersume, supersu, adaway and then find out Chrome doesn't work) And next week on "In the psychiatrist's chair"...
  4. paraffinbrain

    Oh dear, stuck on "Powered by Android"

    I just needed more patience, thought that 10-20 secs tops would do it from prev reports. But yes, after 30+ secs it restarted and I'm back in recovery. Thanks all.
  5. Could any kind soul help me out please - is there an easy way out a stuck boot screen? I was trying to reflash the original Su6 rom from an update.zip and it looked like it failed halfway through. Then got distracted and came back to it being stuck on the "Powered by Android" screen. Won't turn off by holding the power button down, or with power+up, pr power+down, no response when I plug it into PC and try and talk to it with adb. Getting a bit worried now. Thanks (am really pleased there's a modaco thread on this great phone, have been tempted back on the slippery slope though!)
  6. paraffinbrain

    Crearing some system ROM space

    OK fixed. Phew. As Andy pointed out, I could put CWM back on even if I couldn't root. So when that was done I could restore my backup to a working ROM (927) and all was fine. Could then update to 934 and root. Didn't occur to me to restore initially, I was trying to update my way out... I did discover what went wrong to fill up the System ROM area, as I did the same thing again - I installed the 934 zip from CWM (which left about 17 Mb free space), then added the Huwei weather, music and sound recorder apps in CWM. Looks like they filled up the /system area so couldn't then root. So I've had a bit more practice now. Thanks for the help, really appreciate it
  7. paraffinbrain

    Crearing some system ROM space

    Thanks for the responses: CWM: thanks abcshady and Peninsula. I did have CWM after one flash, but then it went after I'd done a factory reset to try and clear some system rom space. It went before I tried the update.app flash. I've tried your suggestions and it definitely looks gone. While I had CWM, I did wipe everything back to a factory reset, but it didn't free up the system ROM. Was at 0% free of 390 Mb after several resets and clears of caches. Titanium now says that 4.09 kb is free so I have a sliver of elbow room now at least. andy.hyde4 - thanks I hadn't tried flashing cwm again though, had only tried to root. I'll try this evening.
  8. paraffinbrain

    Crearing some system ROM space

    Naw, I used the CWM update zip. Have since tried to reflash with the update.app but it stuck on 30%. Looks like someone had similar sticking problems with later ROMs but update.app for 926 worked; I was going to try that later. So it's not looking good really - sounds like I can't use fastboot unless it's rooted, and I can't root until (I'm assuming this is the case) I can free up some space in the system ROM area.
  9. paraffinbrain

    Crearing some system ROM space

    Thanks - so with Fastboot I can erase the system partition, then do a manual nandroid restore from my last backup? Plausible or stupid? More worried about what I might do here that can permanently brick it.
  10. OK, idiocy confession... To try and fix a minor Gallery problem, I reflashed 934, and cannot now root (says there's not enough space), and have lost clockworkmod. Root fails by both the superrecovery method and by unlockbootloader I can still get into 934, but Titanium reports I have 0% System ROM space. I've factory reset, cleared all the caches, no effect. Tried a proper upgrade from SD dload, but it sticks a third of the way. None of this was a 934 problem (I don;t think it was anyway) but I woudl be very grateful for any ideas as to clearing some space in the System ROM folder so I can get root again! Thanks
  11. Ah same here, this is really frustrating. Installed the Chinese ROM yesterday, and everything worked beautifully (rooting, then the ICS 403 guide, unlockbootloader and cwm). I put Infusion on today, didn't like it, reflashed with Chinese ROM, and now I can't get CWM or the unlockbootloader to take at all. Same 'Command not allowed' message I have Superuser, and allowed automatic response, and USB debugging. Have been into the fastboot screen about 20 times this eve... So any guidance would be very helpful, TIA EDIT - fixed - difference was that I had the SIM in. Take the SIM out and all the updates work okay...
  12. paraffinbrain

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    I had what I thought was the standard beta experience - dropping wireless occasionally, locking up once a day, usually very ssssslllloooowwww coming out of sleep - but still good enough to stick with. It stopped rebooting last weekend, so I started from stock->1.4->1.5.1->1.5.2 and now I have a completely different machine - much faster and responsive, doesn't drop or lock. Wow
  13. paraffinbrain

    News360 for tablets

    If I go in thru the web store (following the link) I get the incompatible message. Going in via the Market app News360 doesn't come up in the search
  14. paraffinbrain

    News360 for tablets

    Yep - 1.5.2. Must be something else funny. From the market link, on the "device on which to install" selection I get Nvidia Corvus5 and then "not compatible with this device".
  15. paraffinbrain

    News360 for tablets

    Hmm - Market says it won't let me have it. How do you get round the unsupported device bit?

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