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  1. Ricey155

    Nexus 9 Review

    Not for me stick with xiaomi for a while, good read your a fan I see James hates it on the #hangouts :) each to there own
  2. Ricey155

    Help me decide

    A large trusted company :) my vote xiaomi mipad awesome kit
  3. Ricey155

    Lost in call sound slightly random ??

    No clues then ? Might roll back if no cure for 4+
  4. Ricey155

    Can you recommend a wireless charging pad?

    Can you place 2 phones on and charge at the same time
  5. Ricey155

    MMW 85 - The Big Apple

    No Xiaomi products ? :-(
  6. Ricey155

    Coolpad F1 - Offers and lowest prices!

    Paul mentioned the pistons on his weekly hangout - merimobiles have the genuine headphones @ 20 dollars delivered and come in the brown packet + case - just ordered some
  7. HI all my nexus 4 has been great but it has a problem with in call sound (it comes and goes but fine with speakerphone) I've flashed many radio's / basebands and roms and it cures it for maybe a few calls then goes back to silent (sound only heard via speaker) the sounds works fine with a headset any glues I've searched everywhere and nobody has a solution - I've used soundabout app doesn't help, I've used the NEXUS radio flasher from the store (modem flasher) flashed every modem available still no solid solution any help would be appreciated
  8. Ricey155

    MMW 82 - is the future orange?

    Interested to hear the review on the mi4 currently running the mipad Top work
  9. Hi all has anyone managed to port a decent rom onto the device yet ? as much as the Iphone / Ipad look is great I prefer a nice android feel anything to share I'd love to hear it on the upside the MiPad is a decent piece of kit, reliable and fast except for the issue with the RAM it has 2gb but only 1gb is available only using the 16gb version but with SD slot not issue currently Look forward to hearing anything I've missed searching
  10. Ricey155

    MMW 79 - actually NOT sponsored by Xiaomi!

    1st listen to the podcast - pretty good effort that
  11. Ricey155

    AndyPad / AndyPad Pro review

    excellent write up as always Paul, really glad ive read this before spending the cash best wait and see if they improve in the newt few months or buy elsewhere, they do look lovely
  12. having another bash with 7.0.3 loaded up and running all cool so far
  13. Ricey155

    NavFree for Android released at last!

    Navmii was awesome i bough it for my iphone and navfree is still pretty good cheers for the link i was kinda hoping that Navfree would come to android one day, only downside seems to take ages to download the maps and postcode's it never did for iphone anyone else having the same time issues ?

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