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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I don't have the receipt but I looked up my bank statements online and found the purchase in October so I'm definitely within 12 months. Asda website says you can use a printed bank statement in place of a receipt so fingers crossed I'll get a refund. And yes, I still have the box and accessories. I've seen quite a few people online complaining of the same fault. Think I'll go for a Wileyfox Swift next.
  2. The point here is that if I can get Vodafone to do it for me then that would be the preferred option.
  3. I bought the phone from Asda but I can't remember when and I've lost the receipt. My screen has developed funky patterns around the edges which, I think, is possibly the glue between the front glass and the digitiser degrading. I'm pretty sure this would be a warranty issue but since I don't have proof of purchase I'll have difficulty approaching Vodafone about it. Any ideas?
  4. Big Don Vespa

    2.3.4 update - Anyone got it?

    I can't get the sweep panorama to work properly, it keeps saying there is gray space in the picture. Other than that, all is well.
  5. Just got the OTA update tonight. Haven't had a chance to test the panorama photo mode yet but the swype-like gesture input is pretty good.
  6. Big Don Vespa

    £159.95 payg orange or t-mobile from cpw

    I got one about a month ago and it's been an absolute peach! I think we need an accessories thread now as there are too many popping up online for the x10 Mini which is obviously different.
  7. Big Don Vespa

    My OSF crashes at least once a day!

    Ok, my phone isn't overclocked and there doesn't seem to be any loose connections. If I dump a log on here would someone be able to understand all the gibberish and see if they can spot anything untoward?
  8. As stated above, my phone crashes at least once a day. There are certain apps that I know definitely make it crash but it also happens doing random things. Maps and Gallery are guaranteed to make it crash. I don't believe it is rom specific as it's happened using CM7, SS and MCR 12. Anyone else having/had this problem? Big Don Vespa
  9. Big Don Vespa

    Can't see my contacts- Help!

    To be honest, I didn't want to do that in case I can't find my contact details anywhere.
  10. Big Don Vespa

    Can't see my contacts- Help!

    Double and triple checked, still no joy.
  11. Big Don Vespa

    Can't see my contacts- Help!

    Yep, they're all there. :P
  12. Hi guys, hope you can help with my Gen 1 TFT OSF. Today, for some strange reason, my contacts have disappeared! I know they're still in the phone somewhere as I can still search them in GoSMS so I can text them. There are also contact details in my call log but they don't appear in my contacts list. I've tried re-syncing my google account but to no avail. All contact display options have been selected. I re-flashed my rom (SS5) and still no joy. Has anyone else had this problem or similar? Otherwise, the ROM has been great and I've had no other problems. Hope you guys can help! BDV
  13. Big Don Vespa

    Fastest ROM?

    I've had my best Quadrant score using CyanogenMod 7 RC3.
  14. Big Don Vespa

    how to get SKYPE

    Confirmed working for me. Previous version used to FC on me when I flashed Froyo but new one works great. Thanks for the link.
  15. Big Don Vespa

    SPB Mobile shell 5

    Well I gave it a try on JJ9 and it's very smooth and works well, just a bit too fiddly for me but I'm sure someone will like it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :(

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