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  1. Thank you tilal for having removed those bloody softkeys by default! :) Anyone got Swype keyboard (or HTC_IME as well) working? Mine crashes almost randomly... it's so strange! :(
  2. Well ok it should work, but I prefer it worked from scratch because I want to do a clean install in order to reduce /system size (ideally to 160MB)
  3. But I just restored an old Nandroid backup of CFX (with full gapps, I suppose) and both whatsapp and viber are in the market...
  4. Is there any mini gapps package which *surely* works with the 0205 release? I tried two different mini gapps, but neither Whatsapp nor Viber were showing in Market. Strangely, even with the "full" package in the first post they were not showing.... (I performed a perfectly clean install with proper partition sizes)
  5. Anyone knows anything about this? It's a major bug for me and, maybe, anyone who uses 3...
  6. Has anyone a clue on why I keep going on national data roaming (small 4KB, 5KB events each time) even though I have unticked the "national data roaming" switch in the options menu? I am losing A LOT of money with this stupid bug... :angry: This happens ONLY with CyanogenMod (both GB and ICS). When I was on other GB roms, roaming control worked just fine as expected. Does anyone know why?
  7. That of disabling Wi-Fi when not plugged in is not a solution: - First, since with Gingerbread the phone can bear one day of usage with Wi-Fi always on, I'd say that we should be expecting the same behavior from ICS; - Second, if I switch Wi-Fi off even when I could connect to a Wi-Fi network, but I keep it switched off simply because the phone is not plugged in, I would end up wasting a lot of 3G traffic on my data plan, which should of course be avoided. btw, I'm experiencing problems with SmartassV2 (I set it right after the first boot) and the CPU downclocked to 122MHz as the lowest value.
  8. I have some questions about battery: 1) There seems to be a BIG battery drain, probably related to WiFi. I lost about 5% overnight with WiFi off and 3G on and then, when I woke up, I switched WiFi on and in ~4 hours of pretty normal usage I went from 95% to less than 30%. Something should be going wrong here... 2) I tried to charge the phone via USB (as I always do) but I didn't manage to get past 59%... I had to plug the cable to the AC adapter to go further 3) Even when the AC charger (I use the iPhone/iPad one) is plugged in, if I go to settings->battery, it displays "Charging (USB)" and not "Charging (AC)". "AC" stays written only less than a second right after I plug the charger in, no matter if is USB or AC. Then, in any case, it suddenly displays "USB" and stays there. Don't know whether it's a problem or whether it causes some consequences, though.
  9. So go and get an official ROM. There's plenty outta there.
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