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  1. after the 3.2 update (but unrelated to the changes made by it) i decided to buy the DICE Player from the market having heard good things about it.. then when testing video playback i decided that there were way too many installed video apps suggesting that they be used so i decided to uninstall all but the transformer gallery and now i cant get any video other than transformer webcam clips to play.. if i now go to a folder with files and tap on one the screen just dims! before it would popup asking if i wanted to use the 7 or 8 installed apps (which i uninstalled) but now - nothing i did a factory reset but all this did was get rid of my stuff and i still have the same issue any ideas on how to fix this? i guess i could flash 3.2 on again but dont know how with the transformer..
  2. on monday i went into the worcester pc world and went up to a chap with a tie in the demo area who said 'my techdesk (or whatever they are called) will be able to help' so i went over. there was an old couple with a vista laptop and the chap at the desk was spinning some bull about £40 to send it off before diagnosis could even start.. honestly i had to keep myself in check and not just say he was an idiot and that i could fix it in 5-10 mins, and i reeeeaaaally wanted to stop them and fix it before they drove off but thats besides the point.. i told the chap i had bought it from the currys website in december and that the screen was all shonky, and that i had called months back about it to the pc world business line by accident who said that all december units had been recalled. before i had a chance to show him my screen he said 'we have been told to recall all these units no questions asked' and took it off me, refunded the £250 and told me that there was no stock left in store but that there was in the bigger currys store in the trading estate. i headed off and got a new one for £200 then thought 'what am i doing - i have an asus transformer and dock - and took it back today for another refund! so really easy - i just walked in.. incidentally my transormer gor 3.1 OTA this morning.. resizable widgets and video editing application! hurrah! my post with the pics of the screen issue are here: http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...e/#entry1576727 posts 1 and 7. it seemed to go after warming up.. wierd..
  3. i just walked in the to the pc world in worcester oh, and i noticed that the one i bought to replace it had a new charger btw
  4. as soon as i said 'advent vega' and 'knackered screen' the chap said it was for a recall.. i didnt even have to demo the problem! you know when you look at the screen from below? and the screen goes kinda negative because of the terrible viewing angle? well i had that on one side of the screen and then the other way around when viewed from above.. as if the screen was made of two panels stuck together but one was upside down.there is a post i put on the forum somewhere with pictures. anyhoo i think i'll take the new one back for a refund be cause there isnt any point in having a vega AND a transformer. with a baby due at any moment i can use the money for far better things.. like the seventy quids worth of blu-rays i just ordered :D
  5. i took my vega in yesterday - you may remember the screen issues it was having.. as it was bought in december i was told that there was a no questions asked recall on all from that time and i got a full 250 quid refund! so then i bouht a brand new one for 200! not sure why i did that though as i am currently typing this from my asus transformer.. do i really need 2? i dont think so..
  6. using mine to type this now! works really well and turned up yesterday :unsure: it seems that the tablet is constantly charging so i asume that once the dock battery is empty it starts using the tablet battery.. the 'battery left' widget i use hasnt changed in ages so i guess it doesnt recognise the dock batt
  7. Yeah.. i initially thought it was the picture that was the problem when i changed it to a blank black picture. Then i went onto the internet and it was all horrible again. It even does it on the advent logo at startup!
  8. i posted this a while back - http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...-face-syndrome/
  9. oh i have the reciept and all the shipping info and stuff like that in its box :)
  10. i have a Vega bought from the web in mid december and the screen on it is horrible.. there are some posts i have put up in the past showing how it looks like 2 panels joined togeter in the middle when viewed from the top or bottom. it also suffers quite heavily from the ddouubbblleee tap issue - especially when plugged into the mains. if i were to take it to my local PC world (worcester), what do people think my chances of getting it looked at are? the touch sensitivity around some of the edges is also a little shonky or sometimes just.. missing.. i called last week to get any info on asus transformers and after getting chatting the chap told me that in december the vega line were pulled for having a fault? and were then reissued later? something like that.. so now i can help but wonder if i had one from the 'meant to be pulled' batch.. thoughts? ideas? advise? what are my chances of a swap-for-new or a screen replacement do we think? i have the box and all the gubbins still!
  11. alas - in developement.. the portrait phone version is available, though a tad expensive
  12. i have the SPB launcher for my Galaxy S.. its a bit buggy at the moment and occasionally crashes outright but this looks awesome!
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