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  1. Just adding my tuppence. You need to ask yourself 2 questions 1. Why do I want a tablet, what will I use it for? 2. How much money am I willing to pay for what I want to do with it? I bought mine around Xmas to replace an old laptop/resistant touch screen affair; I had mounted in my Kitchen for about 5 years as a media centre internet portal. The power pack had just died and I felt I needed to upgrade. I had been using my HTC desire as a stop gap to play some Music. And found myself thinking if only this phone had a bigger screen it would be ideal for my purposes. I did all the usual things (PC World, Currys etc), played with the Ipad and a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Ipad was nice to look at and play with but you are stuck with the internal memory, no way to play 80gb of music and you are tied in with Itunes. The Galaxy Tab was more what I was looking for but I felt the screen could have been bigger. That was when I stumbled on the Launch of the Vega. Reviews were ok but screen angles could be better and no market (but hold on a MoDaCo have released a Rom update which sets the beast free). Went straight to Modaco and became addicted to reading the forums and all the advances that were happening at the time. The day that the Vega got USB Host mode was the day I ordered mine. Never been happier with a purchase than this item it does everything I needed and a lot more. See here: http://android.modaco.com/content/entries-...itchen-utensil/ I definitely don't need 3g because like most Android Tablet users I am an Android phone user and can use the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot feature. Saves having 2 phone bills. There may be shinier and sexier tablets on the market at the moment but for £199 you won't find anything that comes close to being as good as the Vega and you will have to pay at least double to find something comparable. With this fantastic community and the advances that are being made every day, you would go far to find this amount of passion for a £200 piece of glass and plastic. :P So would I by one now 6 months on? YES! (The Zoom and it's competitors are still over twice the price for better screen angles and an extra 512mb internal memory, buy 2 Vegas instead and give 1 to the Family, then you don't have to worry about screen angles) :rolleyes:
  2. Firstly Don't Panic take a deep breath. The Vega is unbrickable. There have been tons of users doing unspeakable things to their Vega's now for nearly 9 months and not one has died of a software related ailment. Your issue is probably driver related, it usually is. Go here http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...iver-installer/ This is a fab little program that simonta built that takes most of the driver installation grief away. Download the program and read the post. It will fix your drivers and then you can re-install what ever Rom you want. :unsure: Spend time reading the forums, there is an answer for everything on here. Use search a lot. Good Luck ArthurMachen
  3. Completely stunned :unsure: was not expecting this as only posted in the comp to show community how I was using my Vega. Congrats to you Paul for a fantastic site, without MoDaCo I would not have a Vega (probably bought something naff like the Next tablet :) no I wouldn't have) and be addicted to fiddling with it daily. And now a really big thank you to Paul and Advent. THANK YOU Well done to all the other winners. What this community achieves just blows me away. All Pauls work, the numerous Mods and tweaks the other Devs have been doing over the last few months and only yesterday VegaComb ALPHA1 - by newbe5 and Corvus. Utterly Amazing! ArthurMachen
  4. Hi just to follow up with my last post of having no problems with 2 x Desire's and the vega with the Creative D200 BT speakers. I have my Router configured to Channel 11 also. This might be helping abit but I also believe it is not only the quality of the sender e.g. Vega but also the quality of the reciever that is important.
  5. I bought a Creative D200 BT Speaker just before xmas on the strenght of reviews from tech sites and users (on Amazon etc). Just google Creative D200 Reviews. I was looking for something reliable as I had read about this problem. I have been using it now with my Vega and 2 HTC Desires for about 3 months and not noticed any issues. I think the Creative Speakers are using some newer tech than alot of other similar devices and this showed up in some of the test reviews (sony :( ). Really good all round sound quality (no thumping bass, like you would get from a dedicated 2.1 woofer but good for this type of speaker system). :(
  6. I specifically bought the Vega for the Kitchen. Used with the cheapest and "best" DIY wall mount ever the Vega Is a handy Cook's tool. Use it to read ebook recipe books, download recipes from the web. View cookery programs again on iplayer ect (Jamie's 30 min meals pause/ go back until you figure out what he is doing!). Research ingredients. Order your shopping online (tesco, asda, etc). Hook up to good quality bookshelf speakers on top of cupboards and you have an excellent media player (mood music for dining, internet radio or watch a film while doing chores). DIY Wall Mount Recipe from BBC Food website Watching Saturday Kitchen on iPlayer Wall mount is 2 plastic clipboards modified and an old lcd screen leg modified (cheap small tv wall mount would do for leg).
  7. I’ve only started to notice this after a few days using PowerAmp. It's got a big round dial & from about 8 to 12 o'clock volume does not change. I thought it was maybe just me.
  8. Thanks :P thedicemaster I have your view usb in gallery script working after a few go's. Have you tried it with PowerAmp? Having a spot of difficulty getting it to see all my folders. It seems to work perfectly seeing and playing my folders starting A & B but nothing from C onwards. I have my music ordered with one folder for artist then seperate folders within this folder for each album by the artist. Now I have about 40gb of music on this drive ordered this way. Could this amount be an issue as I'm stumpted by why it would register the first 25 or so artists then stop :D Any ideas or anyone else with a similar issue.
  9. Excellent work thedicemaster, just what I am looking for as have alot of media on a 320gb hard drive that system is not seeing :unsure: My only thing is you have it pointed at /mnt/sdcard/usbmount. On my system the usb drive is found at /mnt/usb/system_usb. I have not installed the files yet as i imagine they will need to be adapted first. Sorry if this is a bit basic but still a bit of a noob.
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