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  1. I've headed off to iPhone land but wouldn't say no to the HD2 :) Cheers Paul!
  2. Oh, WinMo, you are a funny beast. I first fell in love with you way back in 2002 with the original Orange SPV (zOMG YOU CAN GET WINDOWS ON A PHONE!!!). Your PIM was (and still is to be fair) outstanding, and I loved that I could run programs on you (apps is a sickly iPhone word). Your inadequacies were charming, they made me learn about ROM's and bootloaders and SIM locks, and there was that smug satisfaction of tweaking whatever Vario you were powering at the time and making it quicker or run something cool. I stayed mostly faithful when the first iPhone came out (sure, I had a fling when I had to run two phones for a while, but you understood right?). I had an even big test of our relationship when Android came out, I mean, look it it, it's sexy as hell. And now, as my contract on my Touch HD is up, you tease me with the HD2, that glorious slab of gadgety goodness, and I go weak at the knees with that Snapdragon processor and your new capacitive screen. But my darling, I'm sick of your tantrums now. I don't want to wait half a second for you to realise I'm dialing a number. I don't want lag and poor frame rate when I'm trying to take a picture. I don't want you to take an age sending a text message. I don't want to repeat a keystroke because you missed it. I want quick. I want sexy. I want apps. I want to do everything in one device. Your HTC makeup is running thin, and what's underneath is slow and boring. So WinMo, this is it, I'm leaving you. Be it the Hero, Nexus, or iPhone, I'm still weighing up the pros and cons of each, but for us, we're through.
  3. Wonder if they got pissed that you were using OS X as your primary OS B)
  4. Completely off topic but have you just made 7 posts in 6 minutes Paul? Speedy work!
  5. The i900 screen is WQVGA, 240 x 400 I believe. This Touch Diamond better be one amazing device or I am iPhone 2 bound.
  6. It's great to see such an old post come back up, especially now you can actually get a WM device with a real fingerprint scanner :D
  7. I have far too much time on my hands for at least the next 6 months so more than happy to post news stories. IMHO it doesn't matter that the iPhone is not WM, the fact remains that is huge competition for all the mobile platforms.
  8. 11 days with no news? No reaction from arguably the world's leading WinMobile site on the biggest competition this year in the form of the 3g iPhone? Where are you?!
  9. Nope, £1.00 a pop, my old company owns that shortcode.
  10. aGPS? Fail. Shame, looks hot, first phone since the Kaiser that's got my pulse raised
  11. For me the Athena is the one device that I really wanted to fit my needs but didn't. The weird thing is, this Athena will make no difference, but I'll buy it anyway - that new keyboard is looking very alluring.
  12. Any reason why he looks like a cross between Father Christmas, Keith from The Office and a Simpson's character? (shamefully posted from my iPhone, the browser is so good!)
  13. As someone that has used both the paid IMEI-Check unlocks and then the free XDA Dev's one for various devices over the years, I wasn't aware until last year that pof et al were actually cracking the IMEI-Check software for their own purposes. Accordingly what they are pushing out is nothing more than IP theft and should florin and his team wish to proceed with legal action against them they would appear to have a reasonably strong case. I for one will continue to use IMEI-Check for future unlocks, conscience clear that the guys that did the work are getting the financial rewards due.
  14. I beg to differ...neither the Kaiser or Ameo have it, hence the interest.
  15. I use my device primarily to reply to emails on the road so for me QWERTY is essential. So near to my perfect device now - just add a sliding QWERTY to this or GPS and WM6 Pro to the Wings and we're there. When this was first rumoured earlier in the summer, Sirf III was touted for the GPS hardware, can you confirm this is the case?
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