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  1. Hi! Post # 3201 in the (Stopped) CyanogenMod thread really helped me. It's here --> http://www.modaco.com/topic/346446-stopped-cyanogenmod-beta2-omnia-2-updated-04052012/page__st__3200#entry1853781 Good luck!
  2. You sure about that number? Mine is 0666 but I went ahead and changed it regardless :D Big thanks for this tweak Marcelo, things seem to be running quite smooth and fast ...EXCEPT I still can't get googleplay to show me most of the higher end games (angrybirds) even though I have followed the fix posted here more than once and deleted Dalvik Cache. grrrr!
  3. You're welcome! Yes, even after a reboot I am still unable to see many things on googleplay including angrybirds. Not the end of the world I guess. Do you have any other performance tips you can offer me for gaming? Cut the Rope and many others still have poor performance for me but I know others have said that everything is superfast so I'm just wondering what I can do to my settings? Set CPU to ondemand or performance? Thanks again for all! Another question - what is the proper version of Superuser for this ROM. I mistakenly tried to update to newest version
  4. Hey Spiderman thanks for the fast reply! I have done those steps and still googleplay still does NOT appreciate my i8000 :( most things are stil incompatible. Any other suggestions? My partition for my 16g is 13.75g(fat32) - 1400mb(ext4) - ~250mb(linux swap) - may not be exact but pretty close I will switch to Mod1 kernel now thanks!
  5. Thanks for this but after doing these steps I still have mostly "Incompatible" apps ... tryin to DL the chainfire3d driver and AB space but nooo gooo. :(
  6. Just wondering if anyone can help me with GAMES. The Google Market/Store doesnt show me hardly any games that are compatible with my device now that I run this rom. The games it lets me instal run VERY slow and choppy. Other than games everything is running smooth and great. I have It partitioned and installed correctly with v7 and syock zImage on my internal storage 16g omnia 2 Ther must be some settings or tweaks to get smooth gaming? THANKS EDIT: I manually updated to latest GooglePlay and things seem to be working better BUT it recognizes my device as a i8000 GT and will NOT let me download Angrybirds etc as they are not compatible? Do I need to somehow change device ID for google to think my device is something else? How are you guys doing this? EDIT #2: - Youtube app doesnt work without GooglePlay which throws an error on install. ..sigh...I'm really trying hard to give this phone to my kid but he is going to want Youtube and Games to work!
  7. BUMP. I lost my incoming alerts as well?!! I have an i8000 Where the heck did they go?
  8. I'll bump this as well. I lost my sms notification sound/vibe! A message will tell me I have 1 unread but thats it. :huh:
  9. Interesting, thanks for sharing your experiences. How long has it been since you sent it in? If they are only cleaning and not able to seal up the leak then whats the point? I'm also now wondering about my speaker too. Considering the price of this phone the speaker sounds no different from dollar store china electronics. I don't think I have any distortion, but it just sounds cheap and tinny. I assumed they all sounded like this, but maybe my speaker needs to be replaced.
  10. um...got any information to add about the dust problem? My Bell store said they'd send it off and give me a loaner while its out. The fact that I'm NOT paying the $7 month insurance just means I need to leave a sizable deposit for the loaner. I'm still waiting for it to get a bit worse though
  11. That's good to hear. Twice though? I'd like to think they would seal it up properly after cleaning/replacing the screen the first time. I guess I'll just get my Bell store to send it to Samsung then. I'm not sure why, but I'm very tempted to just fix this myself some afternoon. I did buy it just a few months ago though so I suppose I should make use of the warranty. ;)
  12. Like the title says I've got a bunch of dust particles that seems to have blown in from the bottom left corner of the screen. For now its not affecting function and is just cosmetic and even then only in certain conditions so I'm not sure if my warranty will cover it(Its a Bell Canada phone). Should I try to make it worse then send it in? Should I get out my mini tools and mess around and risk busting it because I don't know what I'm doing? After googling the problem I know there are a bunch of other i8000's with this exact problem so I'm just wondering if there are any success stories among you guys for dealing with this annoyance.
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