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  1. Many thanks for all of your help guys. I had suspected a driver issue but my device manager showed no missing drivers and a ZTE adb driver installed so I wrongly assumed that it would work. However,for some strange reason,when I uninstalled the ZTE adb driver and installed the one shown in the video then everything worked. To make sure everything was working properly as I went along I used the commands adb devices adb reboot bootloader fastboot devices and with the new driver installed fastboot showed the device and I could continue to boot into the new recovery to make a backup then go through the process again to flash it.I then flashed Super SU and one of the trimmed down versions of Gapps and now have one very cheap (£38.99) Kitkat phone to use for work. I do also have a small confession to make though that may save others some grief,don't do what I did and blindly copy and paste the fastboot commands from the OP and then wonder why fastboot can't find the recovery file. I spent another half hour scratching my head before realising that the command in the OP refers to cwm60xx but of course the image file is cwm6050 so once I'd put right that schoolboy error that I'd made,all was good. Thanks again.
  2. I have what is probably a very simple problem that has me pulling my hair out at the moment so any advice would be great. The handset is an Open C from Ebay and I've installed the EU_FFOS+to+Android.zip rom. My computer is Windows 7 64 bit and I have Android SDK installed plus the ZTE handset USB drivers. ADB shows the phone if I list devices but when I run the command to reboot to bootloader the phone switches off and the windows gong sounds to show it's dissconected but then the gong sounds again rapidly 3 or 4 times and the phone stays switched off. Any ideas?
  3. As per the title,Tesco are selling the 8GB Moto G for £99.00 and the 16GB for £129.00 I would expect them to be locked to their PAYG network though but no firm information as yet so I don't know what the unlocking situation is with them. http://www.tesco.com/direct/technology-gaming/pay-as-you-go-mobiles/cat3375958.list?catId=4294959890+4294948760&lastFilter=Brand|Motorola
  4. Can this rom be flashed onto a handset that still has the stock recovery?
  5. I;ve noticed a few posts in this section re the Orange Barcelona but people thought it was a bit pricey at £119.99 inc compulsory top up from Orange. I was having a nose through the Android handsets at play.com this morning and noticed that they're selling it for £99.99 inc top up and delivery. Details at http://www.play.com/...urlrefer=search
  6. You might be able to get it delivered to one of your local CPW shops for saturday. When you buy online you get the option of delivery to your home or to your local shop for collection. As per the other 2 users above I also use Giffgaff.My contract expired earlier this year so I thought I'd give Giffgaff a go and it's superb especially as the unlimited internet use really is unlimited and there's not a fair use clause hidden in print so small you need an electron microscope to read it! I work away from home a fair amount so tether my SGS to my lappy while I'm away so for my £10 a month I'm getting 250 mins,unlimited texts,unlimited data and mobile broadband.I challenge anyone to find even a sim only contract deal that will give me all that for a tenner!!
  7. I hope you get lucky but if not if you check Paul's twitter account he's tweeted today that he can supply them at £179.99 inc p&p and a years ad free membership here at the forum so only a tenner dearer and you're getting your ad free year.
  8. The CPW site showed out of stock when I bought our U8800 on monday but I phoned my local branch and they had some,It seems that when the site shows out of stock it means they have none in their central warehouse but there may still be stock in the shops so if you've got one near you it might be worth giving them a ring. We had the same expierience a few weeks ago when we wanted a Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5800 for our daughters birthday,CPWs site said no stock but the shops had them.Incidentaly the i5800s were also unlocked and unbranded and the staff in the shop just gave you a sim pack for whichever PAYG network you wanted.
  9. As above,Carphone Warehouse seems cheapest at the moment at £169.95 I bought one from my local shop for "she who must be obeyed" earlier this week and she loves it.It has a nice big screen,comes with Froyo and is prety quick out of the box in stock format but Paul seems to be busy developing stuff for the U8800 at the moment so things can only get better. The Carphone warehouse handsets are unlocked and sim free so there's no PAYG top up to be added to the price,you just pay the £169.95.
  10. yorksims

    Using a UK OSF in New Zealand

    The whole job's quite straightforward really,I've only had my TFT OSF a week and I've pretty much got my head around the basic modding Once you've unlocked your phone using the free online code calculator you'll need to change the APN settings for your kiwi network and then you have two options really,you can either flash it with another ROM or do what I chose to do and keep the stock Rom and strip all the Orange branding out of it.I only chose this route because there aren't a great deal of custom roms available for the TFT screened OSF yet but once there are more available I'll have a more serious play with it. There are excellent guides here in the forum covering everything you'll need so probably the best advice while you're waiting for the phone to arrive is to do plenty of reading and get what stuff you can that you're going to need like fastboot and clockworkmod downloaded ready so that as soon as the OSF turns up you can get stuck in to it.
  11. You're right,superboot and TFT don't mix as I found out lol. I cured the problem by flashing the stock orange TFT rom (ends B08) to lose the blue tinge and then you can flash another suitable rom. If needs be universal android root from the market rooted my TFT OSF with no problems.
  12. yorksims

    Orange Photo Widget

    I think this is what you need. Pixota.1.5.7_20100602_WVGA_eclair.zip
  13. yorksims

    clock widget?

    Dowload and unzip it and copy the apk file to your sd card. if you don't alreadt have it,download Astro or one of the other free file managers from the market and use it to install the apk file.
  14. yorksims

    clock widget?

    I've pulled the Orange digital clock apk out of the stock rom and attached it to this post. Orange_Digital_Clock_Widget_build_2010_05_31_08_54_38_version_1.0.36_signed.zip

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