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  1. I'm using the HTC Car Dock. Starts up the Car application automatically and turns on your bluetooth for hands free connection, then turns it off on disconnection. Only problem is you can't use a case. You could look at this one as an alternative http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/car-mount-cradle-for-htc-one-p38729.htm
  2. Excellent concept! Hope to see it in action soon.
  3. I have to echo Stransky here - your time, effort, enthusiasm and dedication is greatly appreciated by users like us. I also have little coding experience, or would put myself up to help. Likewise, I am very willing to test out anything required. Cheers Yogimax
  4. I have found exactly the same situation, except on a hard reset the screen is still unresponsive. I have to leave it for a few hours, then the screen responds again. I have now put on the new CWM boot image, and will see if it happens again.
  5. And another one for the unbrickable Advent Vega with the beta ICS - sweet as a nut!
  6. As ever, search is your friend... :lol: I used an unlock code from a UK company found on eBay UK. A very quick search on eBay in the US turned up this vendor who promises to unlock for $3.49. By the way, this vendor is nothing to do with me and I have no idea of track record etc but they are a top rated seller. B)
  7. I am on VegaComb 9n update 3, but the market says netflix is incompatable with my device!
  8. If you do want to try Vegacomb, after doing an Android backup, follow these detailed instructions. Enjoy... B)
  9. USB hosting isn't working yet (unless you are docked) but the devs are working on it (along with improving the camera driver). Regarding upgrading, I have had no problems, although some others have B) As ever, your mileage may vary...
  10. Thanks for all the advice - I'll try it and see! The worst thing that can happen is that it doesn't work, in which case I post it back to the supplier as faulty! :(
  11. Folks Over the last few months I have seen various opinions as to whether 32GB Micro SD Cards are actually supported on a Vega (as opposed to officially B) ) Has anyone successfully got a 32GB card to work, and if so what brand,speed and ROM version? Were you also able to create a secondary Ext 2/3/4 partition on it? Thanks in advance (before I put my brand new 32GB Micro SD card into my Vega and trash it...) :(
  12. Try Dolphin for Pad (Beta) - it is designed for Honeycomb tablets B)
  13. A quick update - I am now running VegaComb 3.2 build 7, and Plex works great with it. :) The previous 1.7 VegaComb didn't work due to not having native hardware acceleration - this is now totally solved. :lol:
  14. Aaaarrrgggghhhh - in my rush to try to get a fire sale Touchpad, I left my vega at work! Now what am I going to have to play with this evening :( ps Didn't get one of the mythical beasts either....
  15. I changed the user settings in the default browser to desktop instead of tablet and iPlayer worked perfectly. Don't use the BBC shortcut pre-bundled as it points you to the mobile version of the website and the associated mobile iPlayer instead of the full fat version. B)
  16. Paul has been having some issues with maintaining root on his Desire when upgrading. Once this is sorted, I would expect to see a kitchen fairly soon. B)
  17. The best way (as far as I know) to swap to a new SD card is to: 1 Make a nandroid backup of your phone to the old card, and then copy the contents of your SD card to your PC. 2 Either format your new card from a PC booted up from a Linux distro and create your EXT partition there, or else put the new card in the phone and use ROM Manager to create a partition for you 3 Copy the contents of your old card (including your nandroid backup) to the new FAT32 partition on your new card using your PC. 4 Perform a nandroid restore of the backup at 1 above onto the new card Hope this makes sense, and please someone correct me if I am giving duff advice!
  18. Excellent job - great respect is due. :D Do you think that this could be provided as a upgrade service to other Vega owners who are as cackhanded as I am? ;) Particularly if you are able to interface GPS and another micro SD? I think there could be a good uptake for this (me for a start B) )
  19. Which browser are you using, and is the user agent on it (probably in advanced settings) set to "Desktop"?
  20. Alternatively, set your email to autoforward to GMail - then you have the option of deleting when you want to.
  21. If you are using Handbrake to convert and the file is only to be played on your Vega, you might wish to downscale the video to match your screen resolution of 1024x600. There is a Handbrake profile here which is optimised for the Vega and gives good quality video/sound at a smaller file size.
  22. The problem is the codec - as far as I know Android does not natively support AC3 audio. B) What I do is for local files, I convert them with Handbrake to MP4 with the audio reencoded to AAC. For files on my server, I stream them using Plex which automatically converts them on the fly to a format my Vega will play. Hope this helps...
  23. I find Media Sync absolutely excellent for backing up essential files on my Vega and Desire. I know as soon as I have a WiFi connection, any new photos or documents are synced automatically without using any of my data plan. :D
  24. Make sure your date and time are correct - they get lost when you reboot.
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