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  1. what a f*** . I confirm this in this kernel you add the miracle pacth. when you left this kernel for us??? please I can ask you again. Is possible to add beats audio????
  2. I read about the patch added to new kernel 2.6.38 to upper kernel. so if without score 3700, I hope in 4500 after. (make attenction, poeple talk about a battery drain, on ubuntu) so fot beats??? why did you not overclock gpu??? in a sense rom (example revolution hd, with 1,7 ghz and 320mhx gpu quadrant score maybe 2600. are you the same developers of other aosp rom, is true?? why this miui havent got bravia engine and xloud?
  3. THAnks. I GIVE YOU al time you want. the gpu accelleration is not a problem in fact I love the speed of this rom. but are missing an important things: htc beats. please add it. and..., what kernel is possible to flash???? bricked kernel 1.3r1 work but 3g have issue (there is no phone signal) while I did not try with faux kernel. how can you resolve the fpf limit??? i score 3300 in quadrant with 1,4 ghz. how much is Oveclocked the gpu??? 300 mhz?? has got this kernel (2.6.38) the miracle pacth to improve speed??? (I read about it on google's forum) On xda moderator say me that my thread will be close in short time. but thinking android the opensource etc etc etc, I dont undertand theirs action. I'm sorry. the best rom is the union from many intelligent people
  4. can someone answer me at my question??? and using this rom beats is missing. and bravia engine??
  5. Hy guys. I come from italian forum and USA forum (started with x**) . over there the rom are differet respect this forum, whyyy?? returning to talk about the rom. I love SENSE or naked rom by google, and I dont prefer MIUI because classic menu is missing and the apps are distribuited on some screens. there is a mod to implement native android aspect??? I'm loking for a different rom, the same name on this section, but have no beats and other tweaks. is fantastic do have mobile bravia engne, is visible its effects?? how can I check?? xLOUD, mmm I'm never seen this. I wanna listen with that. TripNDroid Audio Processing System[-----> what is is it on specific??? there is GPU accelleration like the same aosp rom?? or only gpu UI accelleration?? (there is big difference) I read about 80 fps limit. Is real??? in normal rom is 60fps, using galaxy s2 driver or using native sensation driver (yes driver of mali400 are compatible) Please answer me
  6. Today I was reading an XDA thread where a people improved his HTC evo wit a rom, because this rom use the "GOD MOD" what' s this GOD MOD??? read that http://code.google.com/p/synergy-kingdom/wiki/WhatIsGodMode and wacht the differente after and before. Can we made the same into ours nexus s??' I also found this pdf wich show some "hack" to increase some filesystem reboot time faster and other interesting things. I only also found but not read it so, You must excuse me if that pdf did not usable
  7. I use the adb of recovery's zip. in particulary of amonra 1.0
  8. my phone now is stopped on acer white world. ifi only type adb reboot bootloader fastboot -i 0x0502 boot boot.img it works, but the limit is already at 43. I don't like use metalouney 1,3 because it score only 1100 in quadrant
  9. after this my phone reboot. but with quadrant in the world and mooney the fps are 43. I'v got metalouney 1.3
  10. hi. i wrote adb reboot bootloader fastboot -i 0x0502 flash boot kernel.img fastboot reboot Now my metal is stopped at the ACER white word
  11. I didn' t think it but it is very stranger that an old version of rom is best
  12. yes, Now overclock is an important problem. Exactly I buy my metal about 4 month ago. I use overclock a lot of, until 1,6 ghz, but not for every day, only for games and heavy apps. Today, but since last half month my metal, never break down is so slowly. I made QUADRANT at 1,5 ghz and it scores about 1200, when 4 month ago at 1,5 ghz scored 2100. so, i say NO OVERCLOCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Fortunatey my phone work even if home keyboard doesn'twork and it is possible lock off screen with power botton,and notification bar doesn't work. I tried factory reset but the phone after 30 minutesis on acer word yet
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