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  1. i am not professional and may hardly help on development but one suggestion, in order to boost our i8000 's performance , isn't 3d driver an important points to note? maybe developers can consider recomplie a new kernel version of 3.0.XXXX in order to use the tom3q new display driver ? :D
  2. 2. set usb mode as mass storage and SD card in WM or Activesync mode plug in the usb before you start haret.exe to run android U should get ur usb working 3. Seems there is no solution yet have u try the cmb2 official one ?
  3. i will try later is the MinLroid O2 2.2.3 OFFICIAL1 great? best rom ever? or the 8.1 rom better? please give some comments as i am not able to install them now haha
  4. Please try, i dont have my phone on my hand now Kernel http://www.mediafire.com/?gbeb5mub84bf8jb Official 1 install pack http://www.mediafire.com/?m1pvfa5jrr42r26
  5. which kernel u use? i am downloading MinLroid O2 2.2.3 OFFICIAL1 uploading
  6. nice to see you here again. If anyone can port our O2 kernel to 3.0. The performance on graphics and also cpu must be greatly improved. However, it 's such a difficult job =[
  7. it is a topic discussed many times already a class 10 micro sd can run very well. I also installed this rom on my sd :)
  8. tried .. wifi not working and camera seems no improvement? But very smooth. Nice work
  9. i have just simply change it to 3gb it is not working even for logical or primary ext3 /ext4 :(
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