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  1. I have it on my phone with 5 hibernated apps or so. Do you have more?
  2. Love this phone, hate the battery and the continuous wake ups.
  3. How much on screen time do you get? And full time? Post some photos if you can!
  4. Yeah man, finally we are getting "real" development on our cloud mobile. Thanks vache, zelea and the rest of cm10 team :) I hope to see more development from now on, this phone deserves it because it's a great phone.
  5. I installed greenify. Root required. It's better now
  6. Probably it's better to buy a new one at eBay.de for 199€. I want this community to grow. Come on, excellent phone at an excelente price!!
  7. Hey vache, do you already have a new cloudmobile?
  8. Thanks again wimme :) JB and everything else installed, exception for dormancy app that give me error installation on cwm. Seems that everything is OK(i should say great) but google maps/now and weather apps cant find my location for themselves.. Do you have this problem? Edit: a reboot and its working fine now. Perfect so far..
  9. Thanks :) My cloudmobile is good to go i just want to know if i can revert later to stock ics firmware without roots and recoverys if i want to. Where can i find it?
  10. Where can i check if my acer is A-3 or A-1?
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