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  1. Is it stable? Because right now it seems good enough to me. I don't care about radio or wifi thethering.. Great work, thanks. I will install it later, might start using it on a daily basis if it is stable!
  2. Hello. I was using the latest 3rd update from KonstaT and everything seemed alright. Few weeks ago i installed the 24.7 version on my friends blade, everything worked fine but he said the battery lasts alot less. I though it was weird, but then again he uses his Blade alot so it could be normal. Yesterday, i installed de 24.7 version on mine. Did a clean install with everything wiped. Installed the new gapps, Focal, and int2ext+. I also deleted some dictionaries to trim the rom size. Turns out, i had HUGE battery drop. I charged my Blade last night (around 14 hours ago), didn't really use wireless or played anygame (i don't even have one installed!), but when i wokeup the Blade was turned off, completely brained of battery! The battery stats reports screen to be the main problem (which is not true i guess... i was sleeping -.- and used it a bit before i went to sleep, nothing special though). Voice calls seems the 2nd problem with a duration of 25 mins. But everything seems correct on my end, i am using 2G to save battery, everything is set as it used to be. I can't figure out what's happening. Can anyone help me?
  3. Finally a crystal clear tutorial! Trying it, but it's take soo long to boot my Blade... it's a bit slow on boot :x
  4. I don't really know about other countries, but atleast here at Portugal, when i plug my sim card for the first time, it creates 2 APN's (Internet and MMS). If i leave it untouched, it consumes internet traffic, but since i only use Wireless connections, i deleted the Internet APN... which leaves me with only MMS APN, but it isn't enough alone... you need to turn data on to allow "packets" in.... but that doesn't consume anything here... it's free.
  5. mms work fine for me. I only had to delete the Internet APN ... and leave the MMS APN alone.... then i turned data on and it work as always.
  6. Same. I am still using a old version. Can someone explain me what's new on 6.XXXX ?
  7. It's already usable and stable on a daily basis. I'm sure the only few annoying bugs will be fixed very soon, but i am using it for days without any major problem.
  8. I have been using the 6.1 on a daily basis and i though i didn't really have any major problem. Did a complete format and moved from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 and the thing is: - when unlocking the screen, sometimes i don't see the "unlock thing", the screen only have the time. Although if i draw the unlock pattern (default) it works. - sometimes, specially after receive a sms (default sms app), i click at power button, the lights turn on but the screen keeps dark.. after a while trying it eventually reboots. After reboot it doesn't even ask for the "sim unlock code". Other than that i don't have any major problem. Actually everything seems fast and cute :) Thanks again!
  9. Thanks. I didn't try yet because i'm afraid to fuckup something. It's my first time using s2e and i kinda understand what it does, but i am not sure what to move exactly. A little tutorial would be epic ;) thx
  10. Screenshot button for power button menu -> It's already there. Turn it on if needed at Settings menu. apps incompatible on Play Market (S2E, Chrome etc.) -> search earlier in this topic. There is a working s2e for this rom. Overclocking -> working fine. blinking and slow turn off to sleep and waking up -> no problem after some tweaks, it runs smooth. Use go launcher.
  11. Thanks, but i know how to use google and stuff. My point was: is there any tip you can give me for this specific rom to make it work perfectly? Because i am always out of space and i don't have anything special installed (go launcher, swype, go sms and 1 or 2 more). I though about using app2sd or s2e and since everyone seems to use s2e i though it would be rather easy to ask for some tips there. Anyway i am going to read it carefully today.
  12. I am sorry if i am asking a already answered question, but can someone tell me how to use s2e? It's my first time using the app and i really need to get some space while getting the mobile stable / problem-less. Is there any tutorial (with some theory so i can really understand what everything does). Thanks KonstaT. Your work is trully impressive, been using your roms for long time and i love them.
  13. oh :( shame on you. I haven't tested any of your rom edits and i've got some free time today, i would love to give it a try. Is there any older one available somewhere? thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
  14. Hell ye, but there isn't a full rom there. Did i miss something?
  15. Does anyone know where to find the sej 246+ or 247+ rom link? Thank you in advance!
  16. Well it seems to be okey now. I ran an old backup (from day 15-7-2011), updated to N143 again with dalvik backup and it seems to be working fine now.
  17. Hello. I updated from 137 to 143 and it isn't working properly now. Yes i did dalvik wipe :| I get widgetlock crashes, launcher pro crashes, my google account seems to be gone and i can't add it manually or sync :\
  18. oh btw does anyone know if there is a program to create contacts in a compatible way with facebook associated etc for zte blade / android 2.3.4? I tried the google contacts website but it seems to only allow to write contacts without associations. also psyloid, do you know when the new versions is coming? I've moving from cm green v5 to this one as soon as you implement some other cool stuff, right now it seems to basic yet cheers and thanks for your nice work as always!
  19. thank you so much, i completely forgot my friend google on this one!!!!
  20. can someone explain what is usb tethering please?
  21. what a shame :) your rom is the best to be honest. I/we would be pleased if you could keep proving more roms like this till the leaked one is completely tweaked (just like cm7 ones!). Thanks for everything, cheers
  22. I know it has a launcher, thats why i quoted it.. what i really mean is, the default settings should show the menu "box" and some colored icons for example. But this is not important at all. About the registration, even if i skip the registration it turns 3g data on ;)
  23. Thanks again for the new version. I did a full wipe (moved from 4 to v5) and now i have wifi problems! It keeps disconecting, and now my sd card also disconects looool..either way i'm gonna download again and do a full wipe to make sure. Just some suggestions for next update: - adfree - normal version should have a "launcher", the white icons for menu/phone/etc are just ugly - a application from portuguese rom (http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blade-roms-rom-customisation/340598/rom-froyo-gen1-gen2-portuguese-spring-rls3b-2011-06-06/) to prevent battery charge sometimes Is there a way for you do let us select wireless conection instead of 3g at 1st boot? it always costs me some money because i don't have a internet plan
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