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    Ask Paul [MVP]: SPV C600 Q&A

    Hi Paul. I was really glad to see you had the phone so I could get an idea of what it's like! :D BUT! I was a bit dissapointed that the screen is unreadable when the backlight goes off. Does this mean the screen is not as good as on the c500 apart from the res ? (what do you think), or am I just being picky. Is the cover as close to the screen as on the c500, I would be forever grateful if you could find a way to compare this somehow to let me know if there is a big diffrence. The C600 seems to have a slight more curvy front than the c500 so there might be more of a gap, no? ;) Other than that, I got my c500 from UK, and since I depend on the nordic letters such as æ, ø, and å, I was really sad to read the c600 does not have danish t9! Is there a possibility that some will be sold with danish t9, or have they left that out in the c600 for good?:cry: I guess one would have to get in touch with Orange themselfs to get an answer to that, but it would be nice to know in advance. Thanx a billion for all the helpful answers, and keep up the good work 8)
  2. Come to think of it, I think I have read that somewhere to. Doesn't look so good for wifi in the c600 then. According to Orange it's both no and yes..something tells me they are abit sadistic on purpose hehe. Orange UK; "Ring ring" Bob: -Hey John, some guy want's to know if the C600 has wifi or not, did we say yes or no last time? John: - I belive we said yes last time Bob, better make it a no this time hohoho. :(/ :twisted: all this followed by a laughter that brings the house down everytime they hang up the phone. :o
  3. is there anything official about the C600 yet? I have searched the Orange site but there is no C600 there at all, so there might still be a chance that when everythings official they have added wifi? You would think that with a phone that is probably gonna be exlusive to Orange they would add this feature since Orange don't support EDGE...it just would't make sense not to add it.
  4. do you have to use a stylus with this mobile?
  5. I would prefer EDGE over wifi anyday, if I had to choose.
  6. is it true that the C600 will have Windows Mobile 5.0, has this been confirmed? The C550 has 2003 second edition like the C500? Or am I completly in the dark here?.. :idea:
  7. Yes so I have heard, I's only sad it's just another version of c500 and not a real upgrade yet, not to me atleast. But the C550 screen IS amazing.
  8. I can understand that there is some bad smartphones out there..lol The ad on ebay with the poor lad selling he's Motorola200 made me laugh so hard my stomach still hurts..ouch :) But I simply LOVE my C500. I have had it since october last year and I like it more everyday. The screen is in a class of it's own, the phone is not slow enough to irritate me(never crashed or frozen), it has everything I need, fun games, memory (currently 1GB), mp3 works like a charm, and it's so slim I bring it everywhere! And I think it has a sleek and attractive design, without being TO much. Battery life is a dream come true, 4-5 day's between charging!! And connecting it to my PC is also a painless experience, easy and quick transfers. 8) Text messaging works well, the buttons is fine, the rocker was difficult to get used to at first but is no longer irritating (it took 1 day of use, and either the rest of the phone is so brilliant it makes up for it, or the rocker design has gotten more flack than it deserves), the only bad thing: DUSTand lots of it under the screen ahhhhrrgg!! Have had to send it in so they can remove it once. I'm afraid to open the phone incase i mess it up. I love my C500 so much I'm afraid I will never love a phone so much again, maybe there will be a loooong time until I find a good enough replacement. I have high hopes for the C600, but I'm prepaired to stick with my C500 for another 2 years if I have to. ;)
  9. No I dont own an hiptop, where I live they are not available, but if they were I would get one. It can't compare to a windows phone though. Horrible camera and no external memory. But I love the qwerty keyboard, now I have changed my avatr to the wizard, it has the qwerty key board and all the features you need since it's windows mobile. :)
  10. anna

    Hacking the C500

    OK, I just felt i needed to check it out, beacuse I have heard some horror stories of hackers that actually managed to make calls from theyr own phones that were payed for by others subscription's!! :shock: I's good to hear my phone is safe thoug, It really made me paranoid for a while..lol REALLY paranoid.. ;)
  11. anna

    Hacking the C500

    Thanx, that makes me alittle calmer..lol Are there any other hazards left when the BT is off, or is there still things that could make my phone...unsecure..(hehe, english is not my first language.. :oops: ) Edit: Love your sig by the way 8)
  12. I need some help securing my C500 from being hacked.. I have heard about leaving the BT on is a major risk..but how can i tell it's off? (i'm having some trouble understanding the menu, and I have lost the manual) Are there any other things I need to make more secure..please..I'm really getting paranoid of this whole issue, alot of my friends mobiles are getting hacked these day's. ;)
  13. Great news then, thanx for the answer. ;)
  14. I agree. It might look alot better in real life. The front of the phone, in the pic below, is cinda square, bulky and dated if you ask me. But I'm still hoping this is the final result, beacuse it has the key-board solution I was hoping for. I have never tried the S100 or the Jam as some folks call it, but I wonder if it's possible to navigate threw the menus with your thum or is it impossible without a stylus?
  15. I hope the keyboard will be sliding out from the side of the phone like in the last pic..or is it that pic just a "test" of what it might look like?

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