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    ZTE Skate Acqua (TMN A15)
  1. All ok now. :D Already have my acqua 1 year now and for sutch a low budget phone, it's prety good! ;)
  2. Finnaly, everything is running smooth now. :) I still had stock recovery, but booting into CW6032 via adb, I managed to install everything without any problem. Now to solve another problem... WI-FI not working on some networks!! I think I saw a fix arround here somewhere!
  3. Thanks for the answer. I am using adb via PC and already tried to install cwm6031 and cwm6044. I also tried to reinstal the stock recovery but the problem remains. I'll try to post some Screen Shots later. Thanks again. EDIT: Managed to Install CyanogenMod 10.1 - KonstaKANG (Android 4.2.2) adb booting into CWM6032. but now everytime I reboot the phone it stays on Loop. I'm looking for CWM6032 or 6044 ZIP files but @konstaT links are down :(
  4. Hey guys, I already have root and when trying to instal CW recovery, it stays at "writing 'recovery'... " , forever. I have to unplug the phone and remove the battery! When I unplug the phone it shows - "FAILED <status read failed <too many links>> Finished. total time 952.470s" Any hints? Thanks in advance! BTW, my phone is a ZTE Skate Acqua (TMN Smart A15)

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