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  1. I don't know which country you are in but I got mine repaired by Acer UK without any request for a copy of the receipt. I had previously registered the phone with Acer and I just logged a case using the phone's serial number. Note: Acer UK will provide you with details of their UPS account but UPS refused to arrange pickup as they said the post code didn't match the account details. I just sent it via Royal Snail special delivery. They also returned it the same way.
  2. There are some dlna apps which would do the job, with a dlna server in your PC. Assuming you intend using your wlan for the streaming Sent from my Liquid MT using Tapatalk
  3. Sorry, I haven't noticed any button issues.
  4. I haven't tried 2.3.5 yet but I did replace Acer UI with Launcher Pro on the 2.3.4 leak. It worked without any issue so I would imagine it would work with 2.3.5.
  5. I own both the ZTE blade and Acer Liquid Metal. Out of the two, I much prefer the Acer Liquid Metal. As others have stated, the battery life is noticeably better, it is also a lot more snappier and more responsive. Although it's not to everyone's taste, I find the Acer UI very nice. The curved screen also works well and makes it appear that you've are using a bigger screen without distorting the display. The ZTE has a larger homebrew ROM collection, but the Liquid Metal has newer official ROMs and the source code is available for homebrewing ROMs.
  6. /dev is for devices. It's for accessing the hardware and also the drivers for the software. http://groups.google.com/group/android-porting/browse_thread/thread/147d59d797fb5ec1?pli=1
  7. Create a EXT2/3/4 partition on your SD Card and use Link2SD instead.. If rooted you could remove the unwanted stock applications from the phone.
  8. The link in the first post for AmonRA Recovery 2.0 is dead. Could somebody provide a link? Cheers
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