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  1. Me too. Any idea about what's causing it? [Portuguese ZTE Skate Acqua]
  2. I installed the latest CM11 > gapps > BladeIII-Acqua-compatibility-v2.zip (First post) and everything is working great like never before! thank you KonstaT
  3. First post, I used it to update to the latest CM10.2
  4. Will this work with the latest CM11 ROM? And thank you KonstaT for coming back :)
  5. Yea I tested it on your 11.10 build and had to use mrjujas' patch to get wifi working again. Didn't pay attention to the other two things included
  6. I tried the TMN partitions with no luck, it still doesn't connect to Wifi. On a portuguese forum a user claims that ZTE told him there will be an update to 4.0.4 but no JB...
  7. Thanks! I'll try them as soon as I can and report back
  8. Maybe you could dump the partitions or something so that other people can use them? It seems it's a hit or miss with this model
  9. I tried again but no luck, neither partition gets the wifi working on a portuguese TMN A15 on both CM10.1 and the new PACman ROM. I'm stuck with stock and can't update to the latest official or I'll lose root :\
  10. Hey, I have a friend with the portuguese TMN a15 and I've installed CWM but after flashing Konstat's ROM there is no wi-fi (I've reverted to the original ROM). I've tried flashing the partitions papars made avaliable but still there's no wifi connection. Is there anything else that can be done? Thanks
  11. Can someone please upload an Optimus San Francisco (Portugal) Firmware Package with Stock ROM? I need to send it back to warranty before it expires! Thanks!
  12. Can someone please upload the odex version with the patch already applied? I can't seem to do it manualy :\
  13. and84

    Using blade in USA

    I'm in the US right now and I can tell that it only works on 2G mode... I'm using a SIM card from T-Mobile - it's a Simple Mobile $40 Unlimited Text (entire world) and Calls (US only?). There might be cheaper payg SIM cards but since I'm staying for a few months I needed this one. Hope it helps
  14. Rice should work but if it doesn't try putting the Blade inside a sandwich bag (ziplock) with lots of silica gel and let it be there for 24 to 48h
  15. Galaxy S doesn't have all menu's black? In ADW generationX does have black menus but not GalaxyS

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