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  1. Well I installed Evernote, Repligo PDF reader and Dolphin HQ browser. So far I've not found anything else of interest. Most android apps are designed for phones and I do not intend to use the tablet as a phone. Actually, after thinking carefully, android is definitively not a tablet OS (as google always said). I am now considering buying an apple Ipad and sell my android tablet. I've made a wrong decision. (this has nothing to do with the brand of my tablet, but with the software available) My conclusion is that Android currently is the best OS for phones, but pretty useless for tablets (does not matter the brand). I love android...for phones...not for tablets (android software is not ready for tablets yet)
  2. I bought it from Vodafone in Portugal (algarve) Price was 249 euros. The CPU is a Qualcomm MSM7227 running at 600mhz. Its the same as the ZTE blade. 512mb RAM. And yes. It comes with Android 2.1 (upgradable for 2.2 when ZTE releases) and its got some bloatware. I'm very surprised with the Screen, for a resistive screen is very good.
  3. A few days ago, I bought this ZTE V9 tablet, and so far I think its a good relation price / quality. 7" screen Phone 3G Wi-FI Bluetooth GPS 3400Mah battery Rear 3MP camera Android 2.1 I've searched around and apparently there is nothing here ad Modaco about this tablet, tweeks, roms, etc. If some one gets one of these and want to share experiences, just let me know. Regards, J_M
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