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    SE k850i,ZTE racer
  1. on 2.3.7 cm7 Racer #257 my GPS is losing signal after 10 seconds , then i restart the phone and same again. Should I update to v2? or instal the 2.3.7 cm7 Racer full #224v2 ?
  2. if someone can, try to record some phone conversation. on #210 the voice is not recognizable,the pitch is too low
  3. I installed 3-4 different apk for call recording but nothing works. The speaking is too slow and the pitch is too low and can't speed up on PC. Anyone have issues?
  4. My Racer have only 162 mb of ram total. Is that normal? if it have 256 where is the rest :D
  5. can someone explain me what is this inactive memory?
  6. the new market is damn ugly and it's slower for me, don't know why. I'm thinking to put back the old one
  7. If I overclock greater than 710 Mhz the phone crashes, anyway battery drain is huge even on 710
  8. ROM version: cm7 2.3.5 Racerboy #210 Kernal used in ROM: Vamshistunner Don't have much apps, only the needed ones. No mumbo jumbo widget here widget there
  9. 1176 on mine Quadrant advanced pro. I can't believe that xperia mini is that low :/ lol
  10. After restarting the phone i always need to chose which launcher i want to use, example the go launcher ex, and when i want to write a message or another text always the built in keyboard turn on and i need to chose the keyboard which i want , i use the TouchPal input. How to save the settings? ** The issue was because the keyboard and the launcher where installed on SD, so i ported it to phone, now works
  11. it would be nice to make a video out too :D connecting the racer to PC and see the screen there Grats man . good work :D
  12. is it faster than the previous ROMs? i have the 4pda 2.3.5 cm7 Nightlies 179 and i have always 35-50 ram free, will I have more free ram on this ROM?
  13. Sometimes gps get bugged and I need to restart the phone. I use it on IGO my way (legally buyed) then turn it off and then after 2-3 hours I turn it on again and it won't work.
  14. Hmm by the signal u mean the 2G 3 G will not work too?
  15. FM radio? i don't use that, i prefer Digitally Imported Radio DI fm through the net
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