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  1. The Nexus One has 512 MB of ROM.
  2. Use a black marker pen on it :P
  3. Pretty sure WinMo can't be ported due to the lack of source and copyright issues, and there's no drivers for the Blade to help boot up WinMo either. Also I'm pretty sure WinMo only had TouchFlo 2D/3D and not Sense.
  4. I would advise against getting the Blade now, with Ice Cream Sandwich coming around the corner you'd probably want a Snapdragon or similar single core 1 Ghz processor. Dual core is the highest spec right now, while a single core is mid range. The Blade used to be mid range when it came out but it's fallen below that to low range. Decent mid range choices: Acer Liquid Metal is £139 from Expansys, it has second generation Snapdragon (GPU apparently double the power of the one found in the Blade, 800 Ghz stock clock but can be overclocked to 1.4 Ghz safely on most devices). + Has a second generation Snapdragon (technically a deviation of the one found on the Desire HD so it's 800 Ghz stock clock, but can be overclocked to 1.4 Ghz safely on most devices) + Has real multi-touch in comparison to the Blade's poorly made dual-touch (the Nexus One also has this problem YouTube it if you want to see what I mean) + Has a semi-active forum section on here +- 3.6" screen, you decide if that's too big or small - Has a plastic screen but this is the same as the Blade so this is no issue - Comes with Froyo 2.2 stock, but can probably get Gingerbread with a custom ROM. - No front facing camera, same as the Blade. - Heavier than the Blade (135g vs 110g) - Costs more than the Blade by a small margin ~ Potentially better camera than the Blade, I don't know as I don't own this device Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is £150 from the O2 store although I don't know if it is unlocked + Playstation style controls for specific games + Second generation Snapdragon (same as the one found on the Desire HD, 1 Ghz stock but overclocking tends to break things such as the camera) +- 4" screen, you decide if that's too big or small + Native Gingerbread (2.3.3) with an update to 2.3.4 in a few weeks + Has a front facing camera + Better rear camera than the Blade - Has a plastic screen but this is the same as the Blade so this is no issue - Heavier than the Blade (175g vs 110g) - Costs more than the Blade by about an extra half amount I suggest avoiding any first generation Snapdragon phones unless you can get them for extremely cheap, if you're a gamer get the Xperia Play but if you're not you should be satisfied with the Liquid Metal.
  5. This. If you want a decent and fast browser, try Opera Mobile 11.
  6. I've wanted a Meizu theme for quite a while now, found a link to the wallpapers that come with the M9: http://www.multiupload.com/M68ZEQSZMW With this theme and those wallpapers I think the home screen would look pretty nice.
  7. slitz

    HTC Keyboard

    Quite sure the link k0zmic linked won't work on our OSFs, try this one: http://android.modaco.com/topic/318710-06dec-v27-2122-htc-ime-mod-by-jonasl-repacked-for-the-blade/ Works great for me, or try both if you're unsure.
  8. If you don't fully plug in the jack it'll work normally, only problem is that it comes out easier.
  9. http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=cpu&id=a7...ualcomm_msm7227 The OSF really does have the Adreno 200.
  10. Those dial codes only work with the ZTE dialer which almost everyone on this board, save a few, seem to hate for a reason I see as pointless. I believe JJ9 doesn't use the ZTE dialer which is why I didn't mention using the dial codes.
  11. Yep, this is why I mentioned it.
  12. Your other device has a smaller resolution, less processing power is required in such a case so the performance will be better on paper even if the specifications are similar. Like on a computer you can run a game at a lower resolution and it'll run better than at a higher resolution as there is less to render therefore less processing power required.
  13. If it works then that's pretty nice, I wonder how people modify things which were originally for ARMv7 to ARMv6 anyway?
  14. Turn up the brightness to maximum, go into a room with no lights at all and check the screen. Open up something with black on (app drawer for example), if you can see the screen edge (where the black background of the app drawer meets the screen exterior) and can make out a backlight then it's TFT but if you can't see the screen edge then you're most likely on OLED. Here's a mock up image of what I mean: As shown above you can't really make out where the screen is on the OLED but you can clearly do so on the TFT.
  15. The PSP styled XMB live wallpaper worked pretty good for me the last time I was on CM7: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1025087

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