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  1. I found SS5 to drain my battery like nobodies business - ironically using CM7 (nightly 73 I think) I've found it much, much better, easily get 2 full days use before needing to charge. But your mileage may vary, as per usual
  2. Well, whether you believe it or not, it can't be done. Hence why you haven't found anything.
  3. Maybe this will help: Supplier / Model Orange San Francisco OLED Original ROM B05 I guess - so long ago now! ROM Used after going to GEN2 CM7 (currently nightly 73 I think) Network Provider / Country 2degrees / New Zealand HSUPA Not supported by my provider 850MHz Not supported by my provider BUT supported by another provider in my country and tested by me (90% confident 850MHz unlocked) So, a little background - we have 3 providers in NZ, Vodafone (GSM 900/1800 & WCDMA 900/2100) 2degrees (GSM 900/1800 & WCDMA 2100, also have roaming agreement on Vodafone's network) and Telecom (WCDMA 850/2100, no GSM). Prior to converting to Gen 2, under my available network providers in the settings menu I had Vodafone and 2degrees - no Telecom. After converting to Gen 2, Telecom appears in this list. I have also tested a friends Telecom SIM card in my OSF and received a signal no problem. The only issue is I cannot be 100% sure that it was the Telecom 850MHz freq I was connected through as I am in an urban area, where they also have 2100MHz cell sites for increased traffic. Given that Telecom didn't appear as a network provider till AFTER I converted to Gen 2, it makes sense that 850MHz is unlocked, but who knows? Short of driving out into the country (which I'm not going to do just for the hell of it to test a cellphone!) is there any other way to know which freq my phone is picking up? Further info: I converted to Gen 2 using the older Windows method, not the TPT method, if that makes a difference
  4. Talk about going the extra mile :P Thanks friend, I'll find out and see how I go first, will keep your offer in mind. I've been trying for a few months now to get a couple of OSFs, but unless you're prepared to pay 50% over the usual price online, it's been impossible to get them. Finally have a friend of a friend who can get one so I'm hoping this will be it!
  5. Thanks mate. Hard to do from the other side of the world but will see what I can do. Fingers crossed!
  6. Any idea if this deal will be running this coming weekend? Or any other deals? Have a friend who will be in London this coming weekend and can pick one up for me to send back but would rather not fork out the full £120.00 price charged by Orange... And I'm referring to physical stores only here - not possible to purchase online for a reasonable price from overseas. Trust me, I've tried!!!
  7. I can see why the sell, and as the Aussie said earlier, even at 150 pounds they're much better value for money than any Android phone you can buy through the telco's over here (I'm in NZ). I was lucky enough to have my sister bring one back for me for 100 pounds when she returned from her OE in December (and OLED one too!), and now would love to get one for my wife - without knowing someone in the country it's impossible to buy through usual means, leaving places like ebay as the only option for overseas buyers. So don't be too scornful of people paying so much - it's one of the downsides of living on the other side of the world!
  8. From the first link on the official CyanogenMod forum. Had the same problem with RC1 too, but didn't stick with it long enough (due to proximity issue) to warrant trying to find out what was wrong
  9. Anyone have any idea why I can't seem to be able to install the Google apps? I use the exact same process as installing the CM7 ROM itself, and everything *appears* to work alright in ClockworkMod, but when the ROM boots up the Google Apps are not installed...
  10. Hi all, Thought you'd be interested in this, the Huawei X5 has just been released in New Zealand on 2degrees: http://tinyurl.com/4aywnzw Selling for NZ$549, which on current exchange rates is approx 260GBP or 305EURO. However, as we tend to get charged more down this end of the world, I think you can safely assume it would cost LESS than that when/if it shows in your part of the world. Ah well, at least we have the scenery eh? ;-) I'm hopefully going to get one for my father so will post with my thoughts if I do - wouldn't be till next week though as doubt I would receive it before the weekend. For the price it certainly seems like a good phone - same chipset as the Desire Z for example.
  11. Nope, only 1 phone ordered and never have (and never will again now) ordered from them before. It's the lack of communication that gets me... that and the fact they take your money, post the phone THEN decide they have a problem
  12. I was having the exact same problem until a few minutes ago, then came across this: http://www.appbrain.com/app/gps-status-too...psim.gpsstatus2 Download it, install it and then reset A-gps data - works a treat!!!
  13. I have nothing but scorn for ADVERTISING SPAM. Took my money, posted the phone, then changed their mind and recalled the phone, NEVER TOLD ME, never responded to emails, kept my money for 2 weeks and only just refunded it yesterday, with no communication, no apology, no reason, nothing. Pack of idiots. Wouldn't buy a phone from them even if it were 50quid less than elsewhere. Rant over
  14. I'm in NZ, got my sister to bring me back an SF when she came back from the UK at Christmas, and have it running on the 2degrees network here. Definitely get a 2degrees sim - heaps cheaper than Vodafone and works everywhere that Vodafone does, and more (they have their own network but also an agreement when Vodafone to "roam" on the Vodafone network in areas theirs doesn't reach). I can also confirm the SF works fine on 2degrees here - uses the same freqs as Vodafone anyway. Oh, and just 9c txt and 44c/min calls to the UK - Vodafone would charge you more than twice that. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Also, I've never had to manually input my APN settings - I'm on MCR Rel 12 at present but had FLB-Froyo Rel 8a before that.
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